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[Fuct/ SSDD] - 2013 Official Discussion Thread

I didn't see this anywhere so figured I would get this started. [Image]

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CLAE Footwear

Clae is dope.  Classic, understated styling and comfortable.  Have the Strayhorn umber, McQueen and the Miles, and they where well with denim and chinos.  Had the Russell and didn't like how they felt like Jordan 11's, but it may have just been me or my pair.

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Small brands that deserve rep

[Image] don't know if Less would be considered "small" but they have some dope hats and the clothes are coming around pretty nicely.  Their site is [URL].

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[Triumvir] – 2013 Official Discussion Thread

Dope jacket wish it was a large, but I am looking for that street fighter M65 jacket, that was nice!  Just saw some other Triumvir stuff on ebay as well,hats and denim with same seller...[URL]

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What up Tampa! Tampa!

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Official Store/Website Update Thread

diggin' the Wampum hats

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