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Cingular/AT&T Commercial

i know you guys have seen the latest AT&T joint with the guy who says he runs a website about kicks. then he goes to Undefeated, Alife, and some spot in Germany. who is that guy? i was just curious if he was an actor or a real life sneakerhead? oh....and what store is that in Germany?

2 Weeks ago in Entertainment

Bootleg Rant

i just wanted to blow off some steam here. so i'm at the flea market today (Patapsco to be exact...Bmore folks know what i'm talking about), and i was just amazed at the amount of bootlegging going on! i almost fought this guy when i called him out on selling fake sh!t. he was trying to get me to buy a pair of fake Tiffs for $85!!! they didn't even have the diamond tag on 'em! he was like "$85, you can't beat that!". having just bought a REAL pair of Tiffs earlier this week, i let him know that his sh!t was fake, how much a real pair costs, and how i knew his joints was fake. he got all mad and was like "what're you tryin to say? i don't sell fake merchandise!" and then he came from behind his little booth and tried to get in my face! WTF!!!! granted you expect some bootlegs at the flea market but damn yo! i saw Tiffs, Pee Wee's, the sloppiest looking fake Jordans i've ever seen, se7en jeans, True Religion, Rock and Republic, Artful Dodger, a sh!tload of Air forces, Ed Hardy....breathe....new era, diamond supply co, mighty healthy, and bapes. all i was tryin to cop was a cheap studded belt! does it piss anyone else off when you see cats rockin the bootleg version of the same stuff you spend your hard earned money on?

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

a shirt to match the tiffs

ok....so i broke down and spend the dough and copped a pair of Tiffs. now i need a shirt to match. i'm searching the net as we speak, but i thought i'd ask if anyone knows of any fresh a$$ shirts to match a pair of Tiffs.

2 Weeks ago in Brands

Nike Leather Glides

Does anyone know the the release date on these? do they come in any other colorways than the white/red that i've seen? a lot of people are hatin on these, but f**k what you heard...Slip-on Cortez?!?!?!? yeah....when are these droppin?

2 Weeks ago in Nike

Licencing Question

Check this out....when companies make shirts with characters/famous people on them, do they have to get licencing rights, or do they just say f**k it? Like Diamond Supply Co. x Mighty Healthy "don't be a rat" w/ Mighty Mouse, or Diamond Supply Co " Diamond Life" w/Sade shirts. isn't that grounds for a lawsuits? or do they stay under the radar by selling in limited quantities?

2 Weeks ago in Brands

Cut and Sew Question

i have a question....i'm always seeing brands describing their new lines as "cut and sew" what exactly does this mean? i thought maybe it mean they were made by hand...you know...cut and sewn...as opposed to mass produced. am i right, or is it something different?

2 Weeks ago in Brands