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AF1 Supreme White (11) Red (10.5) MMM Balenciaga Tods FS/FT

Both Brand New, Bought from Supreme london, with extra straps, laces and sticker.  Supreme Bag can be included. UK shipping is free US is £20 £250 each, £450 for both [URL]

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-photo problems- please delete

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After a break up

What's your plan of action after you end a relationship? get around?

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Osama back

[URL] blinkyeyes hahahaha

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APC and Dior 32

Offers, trades, paypal - welcome Better pictures coming (You've probably seen enough pictures of APC and Dior jeans to know how they look) I'm in the UK but I can ship to US or EU no problem Low prices because I don't have long to sell them Both worn 2-3 times APC's are unwashed with one small patch of scratching which lost some color (will add picture), Diors have been washed and lost a bit of color. APC New standard 32, SOLD Dior homme 32, 19cm MIJ SOLD Bape Crewneck L Worn once - Fits small, Too small for me $100

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Gucci Jacket, Dior Denim & Stussy Crewneck

Gucci Jacket (XL) barely worn [Image] [URL]

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Rolex - Sale/Trade

damn arab

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Counterfeit Shoe Bust

[URL] Homeless in LA are having a great Christmas. "It's a blessing for me to get shoes, and I just thank god that there is a place like this that is here to help us when we are in need, homeless or not homeless, to have a place to come to that won't turn you down," Does any self-respecting person even homeless really want a pair of these? [Image]

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Ouija board

Any experiences? Me and my friend bought one. Been reading about it and i'm pretty creeped by it.

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New Camera

My Canon slr has died. And has to be repaired over the next 8 weeks. As I was only borrowing it for the last 2 years from a friend as he has other cameras. I'm gonna buy my own. So what i'm thinking is I want a Nikon. I'm not sure which model but i'd rather not spend over

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[FS] Dior denim. Bape tee. BBC hood.. ect priced to move

First of all excuse my messy ass storage room the pics are taken in. pm me is the best way to contact me. Bape tee's L both worn 1x

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[FS] Sneakers priced to move. IC, BAPE, NIKE, NBHD x Stussy etc

sz 10 Ice cream bf2 hong kong number 72 of 100

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Common project desert boots, Supra thunders or Skytop 2's. any other ideas?

I'm looking for a pair of dark, easy and comfortable hi-tops. Just for everyday wear. I was thinking CDG play converse but they sold out at DSM. They have some Common project desert boots for

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Where to shop in Tokyo

I'm in tokyo and didn't get any time to research shops etc Could you give me some locations? (CDG, Visvim, general sneaker shops etc)

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[FS] Jordan olympic 6's, Snakeskin Bapes and Blue Adidas Gazzelle.

Need to sell these by sunday for the

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