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Last night was crazy...

[Quote] Yo i gotcha. One question, and one thing i dont believe. Were the fags who try to rob yall black? Lol, no hate on black people tho. But i almost got mugged from this black guy. (ill tell ya later) And one thing i dont believe. I cant believe those guys got a car!!-----> I got a story like this to so this stuff happens in life if you guys dont believe Joweee. I was only a poor asian kid trying to go to mcdonalds with some other friends cause we got hella asian bruhs at the other middle school. My group heads out in one of their parents car, and i get left behind. crap... I walk to Mcdonalds and Im at the stop light, when this black guy was on his bike, looks pretty gay and dressed like a hobo. Smiles at me and heads over. I froze there while the stoplight while he heads over to me on a red light. Heart beats hard like something bad was about to happen. Shows up, says, "ay, wutcha got in your pockets?" I said nervously, "nothing." Black guy says, "Wutcha got in your backpack?" I said, "Nothing." (I had a history book a 5 dollar bill, and a broken pencil.) Black guy says, "If youre lieing to me, I will fuck you up." I said, "Nothing." He grabs my backpack and i punch him right above the crouch in the stomach area cus he thinks hes so cool using his mega tall bike that looks like crap. Run my ass all the way to mc donalds, he goes around the parking lot looking for me. Just before heading to Mc Donalds where everyone was, i said quietly., "i wish he gets his ass whooped." 2 weeks later, friend gets his ass mobbed. And my friend's friends got mobbed that same week, but luckily, none of us have anything in our pockets, lol were hella poor!.. 2 weeks more later, the black guy thinks hes tough so he heads over to my neighborhood. Just about a block ahead, my older brothers friend goes out, just about to run around. Now my brothers friend was no pussy. He was kinda short, but all muscle. Black guy pulls around on his bike, he says "what time you got?" Bro's friend says "i got 3pm." Black guy says, "oh, ay lemme see your pockets." Bro's friend says "No." Poor black guy pulls out a fake gun, a B.B. gun with the orange part colored black so it looks like hes rich enough to afford a real gun. Bros friends whoops ass on the black guy. I heard he got him down and than his sisters came out. Holy crap, that black guy got jumped by like 53 of bro's friend sisters... Shouldnt of robbed them on summer break... They beat the crap out of him, and black guy gets put in jail. After this, "tough" black guy trys to rob some 7th graders, hes get whooped by someone his age. How ironic, my bros friend knew him in choir in high school just cause he remembers his voice. Lol, long ass reply to Joweee. Ya, stuff happens like this in real life. And heres 5 easy tips to that black guy out there. 1. get a life 2. get a job 3. Listen to tip 5 4. Follow tips 1, 2 and 3. 5. Follow tip 4.

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Should we clean white sneakers?

I wear all white canvas authentic vans. Theyre vans, they only look good when theyre fresh and clean.

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the best jobs

[Quote] lol

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Someone Finally Dissin Jerkin


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[FS/FT] - 14K Skytops, RAD Vans, Nike SBs, and more! (10-11)

any chance you can get the rads in a smaller size? 6.5 - 7.5? or r they gone...?

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I'm ready for Fall

Here comes fall...

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Ways to clean New Era Caps?

the website has a cleaning guide.

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Do off topic threads have to stay on topic?

[Quote] Thanks for wasting your time reading this. blushing

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Do off topic threads have to stay on topic?

your welcome.

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Kid Robot - Futurama

The nibbler and robot devil looks cool

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HOW do you make money

I make money when i buy lottery tickets and never win. Tons of money.

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Don't you hate it when..

...Its late at night and you didnt brush your teeth yet.

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Where are some good places to meet females?

It depends on what type of person you are... I meet up from friends and school.

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Post your fits when wearing Sk8-his!

Nice vans Duce.

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Do you know any girl sneakerheads

Not many girls are sneakerheads. My friends just buy them to wear so they look hawt with them, not to sell/collect/put them on their heads and take 20 pictures with their sneakers on their head.

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