[Supreme] - 2015 Discussion Thread

[Quote]i was thinking the problem was that, for many, this was one of their first few seasons checking for pieces at all .. youngsters expecting to get it all at once rather than building up over a stretch..  generally agree with the 4 items per season idea tho

2 Weeks ago in Supreme

Flyknits vol. if you finna cop

anyone get the flyknit mercuiral sp today? only really showed up on DSM i guess also magista footscape didnt seem to pop up on china nikelab .. will hit cwb later but probably its too late

2 Weeks ago in Footwear

[10 Deep] - 2012 Official Discussion Thread

you guys know if the leopard tech jacket from the holiday preview came in holiday drop on fri? not seeing that anywhere.. sold already? thanks

2 Weeks ago in Brands