iPhone 2

One of my moms friends went to the siggraph conference today. He said there was a prototype iPhone 2 they were preselling for $325. Supposedly its indestructable and takes 6 hours of HD video. He said its made by panisonic but apple is going to retail it. It supposedly is coming out in Dec. and took 4,000 people to design. They plan on selling 6 million.... And that fag didnt even get one ?) Est price: $1,200....... Just remember where you heard it first!

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Good or bad? How are the fits

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Customs Problems...

So I ordered a pair of shoes from London about 2 months ago. After about 1 month I asked the seller where my shoes were and he said they got returned to him because he didnt fill the forums out right. From now its been 2 months and they still havent arrived. He said customs probably got a hold of them. He has no tracking or anything. What do I do now?

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Dont Mess With People On Forums.

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