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Girl advice

What's good yall? idk why I'm coming here for advice but fuck it, why not.  So so I recently met this girl on tinder lmao and we have actually hit it off really well. she is into cool shit and we have many common interests and viewpoints and great chemistry. I honestly can't remember the last time I've gotten along this well with a girl, like most girls I've dated are almost a chore after a while and I just have to convince myself to keep giving girls chances for the sake of sexual attraction lol. But this girl I actually really enjoy talking to and look forward to seeing. In addition to being attractive. And she seems to be really interested in me as well.  Heres the thing, I am 23 and she is 18, just out of high school, which really weirds me out. I have three younger sisters and she is younger than all of them lol. But she is very intelligent and well informed, she really acts much older than she is and has been hanging out with older people the entire time she was in high school. Regardless tho it still feels strange to date someone so young. maybe because i generally have dated and hung out with older girls myself.  I haven't introduced her to any of my friends yet or even told them about her(we've only met twice) but I'm wondering how they will react. Do you guys think it's that weird or am I overreacting? Any advice or thoughts? Thanks

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gambling/counting cards

anyone here go to casinos or gamble at all? we just got a casino in my city and at first i thought it would be stupid to waste a bunch of money there but i went with my homie and he won $800 his first night, playing black jack. he didn't know what he was doing but some old guy sitting next to him was telling him what to do and he ended up walking out up 800, and that was after giving the old dude like 100 for the pointers. now you could say this is a fluke but since then he's learned to count cards which didn't take that long, and he's won like another $1000 in the 5/6 more times he went, so now I'm trying to learn that shit. I know you don't win every time but if you know what you're doing you actually have an edge over the dealer.  Anyone else know how to do that shit? what are your gambling experiences? I'm trying to get really good at poker as well

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good formal/casual shoes?

I'm looking for some shoes that I can wear in semi-formal occasions/work, and also in everyday casual wear.  something like some clarks desert boots, which are my backup but i'd rather get something different. anyone have any ideas? looking to spend about $70-100

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UCLA /los angeles

anyone go to UCLA? or know the area? I'm applying there for grad school soon but I've never been to LA. a lot of the kids i know from LA are kind of annoying/fake as hell, but others were cool and it seems like a dope city/school. what is the area around campus like?

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Anyone work in construction?

I'm about to graduate and am looking for work. I've always liked working with my hands /outdoors, so I was wondering about construction. Can anyone get a construction job? How is the starting pay?

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College majors

What are the best college majors outside of the obvious medicine, law, engineering and computer sciences?

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Do y'all pluck your brows?

I haven't in a long minute, got a pretty nice uni goin and honestly I'm givin no fucks, swaggin that shit out Anthony Davis style ( no homo)

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Has anyone tried it?   Does it work?  Im really interested it in it/the unconscious, thinking of trying to get licensed as a hypnotherapist lol

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Need new computer, suggestions?

Gonna be graduating college in a couple months and will need to buy a new laptop. I work in design and video so I will need something that can easily handle that software(cs6,final cut pro, etc). I don't know a lot about computers so any advice helps. I don't have any bias toward Mac or pc, but if I can get something that will get the job done for less than what a new MacBook will cost, I would gladly go with that. I been reading and it seems Asus maybe a good option but I am not really sure. Honestly I don't even know what exactly to look for when shopping so some explanation of specs would be appreciated. Also, do pcs generally last as long as MacBooks? The difference in construction materials seems significant and i want to be able to travel with my machine so it should be durable.  Is it realistic to get something good in the $1000 range?  Any advice helps, thanks

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Collective dream journal

Use this thread as a journal for strange dreams as well as dream analysis

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I pee sitting down

Not all the time but sometimes. It's more comfortable and I can take my time and read and stuff. In fact I made this thread whilst sitting a urinating. How about you fellas? Do you pee sitting down? Standing up? Both? Neither? Discuss

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Best denim for $60 or under

I'm on my broke college boy shit, no money for expensive denim but I need a couple cheap pairs around $60, any suggestions

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Im trying to move to new york

i will be graduating college in the spring and I want to move to New York. I don't think I'll want to stay there forever but i would like to live there at some point so it might as well be now. I want to make sure I do it right though so what is the best way to gauge how expensive things will be and all that? what are the best neighborhoods to live in as a young broke kid?  i dont really want to be a bushwick/ williamsburg hipster so is there anywhere else cool that is somewhat reasonable price wise? also how easy is it to find jobs there? I really don't want to move there end up having to move away after just a few months because i go broke. my degree will be in design/art so that will make things more difficult lol

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Life hacks

You guys got some life hacks for me? Share

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what are your priorities in life? what is important to you? what do you put before everything else? what are your goals and aspirations?

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