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My Latest Project: Na Palm - Late at Night (Free Album!)

Everyone check out the project my team has been working on (I work for an indie label) for the past couple months. Here are a couple of my favorite tracks from the project. Theres such a wide range of sounds on this project. Everything from dark/cold dubbish rap to synthish electro pop. Something for everyone. If you like it, you can download/stream all 15 tracks from his website : [URL] Would love to hear your guys' thoughts

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Leather Jackets

Anyone have any recommendations for leather jackets priced between 500-1k? Wish I could spend a little more and get something higher end, but not sure if thats in the cards right now... Any brands, websites, stores you guys know about??

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Stage 5 clinger

how does hypebeast handle stage 5 clingers? Took a girl out, went back to my crib. We kissed a little bit, now shes blowin up my phone like crazy Asking me if we can hangout tonight, then when i dont respond, asking me why im not respondin n shit. Typing me long ass texts/stories about her birthday last year and shit. I DONT GIVE A FUCK! Its not like we even had sex. I cant imagine how she would have acted if we did Do i tell a bitch shes crazy and tell her to kick rocks or what?

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Machine Gun Kelly- DOPE rapper, WILL blow the fuck up

Any of yall heard of MGK? Dude is the truth... at 20 years old, hes shopping around for record deals right now (just met with Diddy and some other big names out in NY) His Mixtape "Lace up" is the real deal, every word seems like it comes from the heart. AND his live performance is nuts. Hes from the midwest, and he has been getting mad love from colleges all around that area. I think he's destined to be big [URL] your thoughts?

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Feedback wanted for Party Flyer..

Yo fellas and ladies can i get your opinion on a Halloween Party flyer that im working on? Still need to put a lot more info on it, but this is the draft/layout... I havent been doing graphics very long, and only have photoshop experience with photos... Any suggestions? What do you think? [Image]

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Ultra Music Festival

Anyone going? Has anyone gone in the past? Im thinking about goin, it would be expensive, but i feel like it would be one hell of a time.. ive never partied in miami, and feel I should any stories?

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The Twelves (next daft punk, justice...)

Anyone get down to the twelves? they have some awesome remixes... Many people claim them to be the next Daft Punk or Justice.. If you like dance music, i dont see how you could NOT like the twelves.. Some of their songs are harder to find, but worth the effort! [URL]

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Post three pictures that describe your life

[Image] now you go

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HB member Kilogram..

is not anders. anders told me to confirm this with everyone since he is banned and refuses to make a new name that is all. cool story bro

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Michael Douglas

God he is the man. Love the michael douglas slick back hair style [Image] WHAT A BADASS

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Favorite Scorsese movie?

I like a lot of em, but right now my favorite has been Casino for the past year and half. I'm watchin it right now, plus the combination of him on Entourage made me think of this thread. The man is a genious, whats youre favorite? [URL]

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Dear Slash Guava

I know i dont know you that well but.. Itz yo birfday so i know you want to ri-i-i-ide out!!

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Photography Jobs

Anyone get paid to do this shit? Ive been tryin. Tomorrow I got an interview at the beach for a company that goes around taking pictures of people and tries to sell them. We will see, I hope it goes well. I need a summer job and this seems like it would be a good way to make a little cash and get better at something I love. What about you? What you doin right now to get money? What would you like to do?

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Asking out an old friend.

Okay, so i normally would flame someone who asks for advice on HB, but im bored and drunk and its late so i might as well. should i do it?////

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Anyone get down with Pretty Lights? So good

Anyone? Check the video first then the myspace [URL] Edit: guess you can embed vimeo videos??

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