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Why does this site feature mainly Black musician and Black people music?

No racism, just I always see kanye, pharrell, and people with funny nicknames (kidudi? who is that lol) feature on the website. Not a big fan of them, but I guess they're ok, but the problem it's usually only them and most of their song is the rap and not real singing. As international fashion site I believe more taste of music should be catered to, with diverse race and heritage. As for me I enjoy J-Rock/pop, heavy/extreme metal, lady gaga, taylor swift, british indie/rock, and classical. After all fashion is multifaceted and influence by many artists (X JAPAN!!!). It could be good to share more interesting artist from different genre. Just a suggestion. blushing

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Hey, what's the deal with these brands?

Hi, I've been lurking around here for some time as fashion is my interest. I'm from Asia btw. I take a look at the brands on the homepage quite often, and I see that some of them have been featured very often. The thing is that, in my opinion, there is nothing very special about those brands where fashion design or product quality is concerned. The brands that I talk about are: supreme, 10 deep, HUF, undefeated, diamond supply, the 100s, stussy, greedy genius, crook & castle, ALIFE, ransom, wesc and #1 most horrible bathing ape. To me I really don't understand what is fashion about these brands. Most of them just put a logo (or a monkey) on a t shirt, or some graphic design that is not really innovative or artistic. I take a look at some of them in person when on holiday in USA and quality is average like uniqlo. For me interesting brands are some real classics like John Smedley, or adidas/nike/puma/lacoste, sperry, converse, vans, clarks, etc. OR real designer brands with good quality like LV, Lanvin, Gucci, Ann De, Rick Owen, Burberry, yuketen, julius_7, visvim, polo ralph, when you see their product you know there is quality and design put into it. To me as an Asian I don't know why American call a good design and quality product "dope". According to my friend dope = weed, crack, etc. Sorry if I sound a little...new, but I want to understand the thoughts of a site I visit often.

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