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WTB - Nike Air Max 90 'Warhawk" size 9-10

Im looking for a pair of Airmax 90 warhawk's , size 9-10 , DS or not, if you got em let me know, please blushing

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Classic R&B Shit VOL. THE ZOO

[Embed content] oo oo oo ahh ahh ahh ahh. you know it's a good song with lyrics like "It's like Jurassic Park, but I'm your sexasaurus." Post classic & funny R&B shit.

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Videos of UFOs Vol. We're Fucked

This kinda shit sketches me out. I've seen some shit in the sky I cant explain either.. Fast moving lights that turn and drop and rise then disappear, not planes, or anything like that. What do you think [Embed content]

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Just got my first car

Finally.. 23 and never had a car before, got a decent job recently and was able to save up and buy this. 1993 Nissan Sentra XE. 126k, well maintained with records, new clutch, purrs and runs/shifts great Couple little things I need to get fixed but overall a great car with great gas mileage. Just wanted to share. [Image]

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All over photo crewnecks?

Anyone know another company doing [URL]? I want to order one but they're in Spain. Pretty dope[Image]

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Gotye - State of the art

I'm really feeling this song/video. Such a great concept.[Embed content]

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Rick Harrison designs jewelry?

At risk of inciting the 'I think this is a cool story bro.. but let me call my buddy" meme, I was browsing ebay and happened to come across [URL] on the "pawnstars" ebay store. The description says that rick harrison designed this bracelet which i thought was strange, anyways, this shit is kind of heat actually , 100% sterling silver, and I really like the clasp. Also made in LV. what do yall think

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You guys remember Big Hitt? The dude who was basically half of The Chronic 2001. The dude who out rapped everybody on that album but never got famous? I fucking love the guys verses, sad that he never did anything after that album. Post your favorite hittman/chronic 2001 songs and verses. My favorite from him was "Now ho is short for honey, I almost had to wail-er like bunny, telling tales of being pregnant catching nordstrom sales with abortion money" --- FUCKING GENIUS [Embed content]

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How much should I pay?

For a pair of DS jordan 3 retro cement black/red size 9? The prices I've seen seem a little all over the board

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Supra Skytop 3’s

I picked up a pair of these a few weeks back (this colorway) and I absolutely looove them. So comfortable and they look super nice with jeans. The heels have a really thick gel insole and an additional like half inch deep gel heel pad. Anyone else copped a pair? [Image]

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Post your hat collections

Pretty self explanatory, let's see your collection of hats. Here are mine: [Image] 1. Old wesc 5 panel 2. Supreme Camp Cap Black (waffle knit) 3. USA made Diamond Snapback black 4. Mitchell & Ness Raiders snapback 5. Undefeated x Starter snapback 6. Old stussy trucker hat 7. Random LSU snapback 8. Old bulls snapback from the early 90s 9. Ralph Lauren beanie w/ purple 10. New Era bulls beanie 11. Giants beanie 12. New era x Undefeated beanie 13. Supreme loose gauge beanie in green 14. Diamond brilliant fold beanie in navy and my supreme leopard towel, not really a hat.. but I rock it on my head ;P

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KRSP Clothing

Kinda surprised to find there wasn't a thread for KRSP yet. I first saw em on Big Krit in the music video for "The Vent" (The King Tut Crewneck) . Anyways, I think their shit is pretty dope, and so far I've found their customer service to be great and they've replied to alot of my inquiries. I copped this crewneck a couple of weeks ago and have been getting alot of compliments on it. What do ya'll think about them? [Image]

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