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i had to pay the mailman

so i got a package today from a trade and the mail person asked me to pay them $$. i was shocked at first and since they were new they didnt know why either, it just said. why would they make me pay them since i already gave the person who lives in Cali more then enough to ship it out.($20 standard USPS)

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West Edmonton Mall

whats all your favourite places to shop when yall go there. for me i go to aqua, paradox, urban, ae, abercrombie, hollister but dont mind the last three blushing

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What are these bags called?

[Image] what are they called and who makes good ones? >smh

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Price of diesel jeans

yo how much they cost around in your area? in this one store they are having a sale which jeans from 300 to go around 80-100 bucks. wondering if i should copblinkyeyes

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Striped jumpers

what are some good brands that make these striped jumpers/sweaters/whatever they are called. [Image] also i cant seem to find any babyblue/white ones

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Same clothes...

what do you guys do when you see some guy wearin the same shirt/pants/jeans etc etc. do you never wear it again or just screw them and wear it. for me if its some expensive i would wear it still but if i for example see him wearin it one day i would wear it the next because i know that they cant wear it 2 days in a row. Unless....?)

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J Linderberg?

i was wondering since i saw some people in the east side of canada(tdot, montreal) start wearing it and they say that they are really nice quality of fabrics. so does anyone rock lindeberg? i was think of gettin one of their hoodies but the hood is all fuked up. tongueface

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100% cotton?..

okay so im just wondering since pretty much ALL my t-shirts are 100% cotton but how come some are much smoother and softer than some others. say i buy 2 shirts from the same day. i wear them each the same and what not. but when i wash them one retains its smoothness and softness but the other turns kinda...not soft. my LRG, abercrombie, hollister shirts are really soft and smooth until like the 20th wash. since they are all 100% cotton whats the difference?

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hmmmm what yall think

is 100$USD a big steep for a bape fitted hat? a fitted is those flat beak gangster lookin ones for yall dont know. its this one: [Image]

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