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[FS] S Logo, Coins Camp, Worldwide L/S, Lunar Tee, Independent Crewneck, Fuck The World L/S

Green/Purple S Logo - $70 + shipping 10/10  Black Coins Camp - $50 + shipping 9/10  Grey Worldwide L/S - $40 + shipping 8/10  Purple Lunar Tee - $60 + shipping 9/10  Independent Crewneck - $180 + shipping 9/10  Fuck The World L/S - $70 + shipping 10/10  [URL]

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(WTB) Supreme Crewneck L

I'm looking for a Supreme Purple/Teal Box logo crewneck in Large. [URL]

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WTB: Box Logo Crewneck Size L/Sugar Rush L

First post: [URL] Aside from that, I'm also looking for a box logo crewneck in size L. Particularly the purple/blue, black, or the white/red box logo. I'll be open to anything depending on what you got and if anyone even still has one of these. Thanks!

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[WTB] Sean Cliver Sugar Rush

[URL] I posted this in the forums awhile ago, but it got buried. I figure I give it another shot. Same as last time, pretty much any colorway, size L, no rape prices. Thanks!

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WTB: Sean Cliver Tee

I'm looking for a Sean Cliver Sugar Rush tee. Any color, size L. No rape prices please. [Image]

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[FS/FT] Supreme, BBC

[URL] First three pics are the Supreme Flannel S 5 panel. $50 Last three pics are the Billionaire Boys Club Diamond & Dollars hoodie size Large. $50 I want these things gone ASAP, that being said, I'm open to trades also, particularly Diamond or Supreme, anything else feel free to shoot it by me.

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Blue Mountain State

I don't know if any of you guys heard but the Spike TV show Blue Mountain State is making a movie. After launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise 1.5 million dollars, they've succeeded and a movie is in the works. Super Troopers director/co-star Jay Chandrasekhar is set to direct the movie. For anyone who has watched the show, what are your thoughts on this?

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Battlefield 4 PS4 Crew

I got the PS4 not that long ago (Black Friday) along with Battlefield 4 and NBA 2K14. I was wondering if anyone on here has PS4 or BF4 and if so, to get a little crew going. PSN- PierreTheDiddler If y'all indeed message me, just say you're from HB. Deuces!

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GTA V Crew PS3

Was wondering if y'all wanted to get a crew together and play. Same thing with the Xbox 360 thread except for PS3. Comment with your PSN IDs if you're interested. PSN: PierreTheDiddler If so, add me then say you're from HB. Deuces!

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Kick-Ass 2

Loved the first one. Who else is hyped to see this? [Embed content]

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Netflix streaming

What are some good movies on Netflix streaming? Would love to hear any and all suggestions.

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The Palmer Squares

Just found these guys today, they're dope as fuck. Figure I spread the word a little bit. [Embed content]

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Xbox ONE Official Discussion Thread

Figure I kick it off now. Most recent news is it won't play pre-owned games. http://www.trustedreviews.com/news/xbox-720-will-not-play-pre-owned-games-says-eidos-boss Discuss.

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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

I need help beating Ghost Recon: Future Soldier on Elite (or whatever the fuckin' hardest difficulty is). Only reason I'm asking for help is for co-op. Achievements galore for anyone that is interested. It'd be much appreciated! GT: iVandalliiZe

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Arrested Development

I'm sure there's already a thread on here about it, idgaf. To anyone whose ever watched the show back in the day, any thoughts/opinions on the way they're going with it?

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