Daft Punk - Random Access Memories 5.21.13

I love the new album, this is Daft Pop, haha smokeyface

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The Americans

oh yes! me too, loved the first one very much

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Arab Rolex

that's a no from me

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What are you listening to?

bloc party - silent alarm

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Why am I so fucking lonely.

May I ask how old you are? I think, everyone is going through phases like that or similar ones. If you miss friends of your past, ask yourself why. And why did it all end? Make clear for yourself what is important to you and what is not. As long as you do not know yourself, you'll never know other people well.

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Favorite movie scenes!

I need to cite an epic [Embed content]

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Teenage experimental hip hop artist "Faggot" kills himself

What a tragedy. Such a young guy shattered by the shitstorm against him...

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Star Trek Into Darkness

Sooo, I just wanted to open a thread for that amazing movie! Loved the 3D moments and the funny dialogues! Have you watched it and if so, what's your main memory? And if anyone is interested in the [URL] just find them on the web like me blushing

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Strike Gold Jeans from Japan

From the pics it seems to be stretchy really. for people who like it comfortable. But I prefer the tight fit ones.

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i'm addicted to CAMO

oh, wow, never seen that before! Great idea with the CAMO buttons!

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