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[FS] Skulls, Levis, JayZ, HM Parka CHEAP CHEAP COP! SIZE 31

pm sent!

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Astro Boy 4 feet 8 inches

im jealous.

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Open Registration

been waiting to get on here for a while. disappointing a few will ruin it for the rest.

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d'n'b not really dubstep but.. accelera deck/photek

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Math/post rock yeahhhh

FFF - Meshuggahs Straws Pulled At Random nice. I thought I was gonna get to the end of this list and be the first to put Meshuggah. I was lucky enough to see them here live a couple times down under.

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Post your instruments.

I tried to post this with photos but i need 25 posts :/ if anyones willing to help a newb post them, my AIM is [B]hoodest[/B] Washburn Anarchy Guitar Ibanez RG w/ Reverse Headstock Guitar Fender Precision Bass Ibanez 524 Mandolin Gibson Mastertone Banjo Stelling Staghorn Banjo

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Official NBA Discusion Thread

i wanna see cp3 start over nash :O

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2010 FIFA World Cup- South Africa

australia ftw blushing

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Official Australia Shopping Guide

LOL@sunny boys. i stay stocked up on zooperdoopers.

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Australians - where do you buy your streetwear online?

ive found spending anything over US$200 in american online stores will give you a deal on shipping if you contact them before hand. just gotta be prepared to buy alot of stuff (or expensive stuff tongueface) but I generally buy all my DS nike/supreme/bape from trusted people on forums. it all works out cheaper than weak-ass australian stores straight up raping people.

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Australian Peoplezz

another aussie here. crows fan blushing

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Air Yeezy's in Aus!

man wtf, im tryin to get my 15 posts legit (need to pm), then I come in and see you spam a whole thread for 25 posts :/ Not that ive been actively looking, but I havnt seen any Yeezys around Adelaide way.

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What are your black and white shoes (2 pairs)?

White - Mid AF1s Black - SB 6.0 Dunks

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How Many Pairs Of Shoes you own?

15. probably only 6-7 that ive worn and 2-3 that I wear on the regular.

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What is the best basketball shoe for the money?

I gotta agree, the hyperdunks are overrated. Great for a month or so, then busted up pretty bad smh Kobes = win.

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