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intellectual/mind provoking/stimulating books?

Hey guys, Does anyone know of any good intellectual/mind provoking/stimulating books/ or one of those life kinda books? I don't mind a bit of fiction as well. I have been recommended to read poor dad and rich dad which seems to be a must read going by the reviews i have received from friends and families. Books like poor dad rich dad, would be great as well. Any pdf links or ebub will be great Thanks!

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anyone else feel like this?

Hey guys,  I am 21, about to go into my final year of uni but i am feeling..kinda lost? I am doing a degree in which i don't want a career in, i haven't got a clue as to what career i want to pursue, majority of my friends have all got their future careers after uni - all planned out. I mean, i have always been like this since i was a kid. Never been sure of what i wanted to do. As a child, i never did have a childhood dream or anything. When people would ask me, i would be like "dunno", where as my friends  would be like "footballer", "astronaut" or some shit like that. I just feel like i am wasting time.  I have a rough sketch of aspects of a career i would like to pursue but i am not even sure if it exists lol. I know it's the real world but i have always been dead set against, the whole office 9 to 5 work lifestyle. To me, that's not life. I can't see myself doing something so routine. Here's a couple of aspects of a career i would like to have (not even sure if it's real at all haha);  - something that would allow me to travel around the world - something that would not keep me office bound and involve me having to live the 9 to 5 life, maybe 3 or 4 days a week at work or somrthing (ok, maybe the idea about the 3 to 4 days is a bit unrealistic lol)  -something will allow me to be creative. I don't want to be the guy that writes articles and whatever about creative people (muscians, artists etc). I want to be the guy doing the creative thing ..if you get what i mean? - something that will involve music and maybe fashion -something that will allow me to earn a lot of money. I am the eldest of my family.. -something that will allow me to be recognized or somesort I know this sounds impossible but i certain that there must be a career out there that matches at least 3 of the aspects mentioned above. *sigh*. Well, hopefully someone here can help me out. I just don't see the point in settling for a career which i don't enjoy or want but just doing for the sake of money

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tips to make afro grow faster?

hey guys,  Anyone got any tips as to how i could make my fro grow faster? I am stuck in that middle/awkard phrase and want it grow out more but faster. I know hair grows in it's own time but there must be something i could use to make contribute to faster growth, right? i have got the protein intake, sorted. I haven't permed or texturied or any of that. I strictly use castor oil and sulfur 8 every morning. I did use those biotin/msm pills at one point but it got to expensive and i really don't like the whole aspect of depending on pills. If it's any consolation, i have that really nigerian nappy hair lol

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anyone know of retail stores looking for staff?

As the title states, i need a job. Preferably retail but anything goes. Anyone know of anything going atm?

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good lyrical rappers

Hi guys,  Anyone know of any lyrical/skillful good rappers? past and present? Got the classics like nas, rakim, jay z , wu tang etc (and recently discovered logic who is quite sick) I recently got into rapping now and would like to study /listen the really lyrical skillful rappers stuff.  i have only recently got into rapping. I have even considered getting into rapping (not professionally lol...as a casual thing with friends etc). Know any good albums or rappers with good lyrical skill that i should check out?

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other hairstyles for black dudes?

Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone knew any other alternative haircuts or hairstyles for black guys, that is cool and just different from what everyone else is rocking? I am not talking about eye catching/all eyes on me/ wacky/ attention seeking different. Just something different from the usual high top fade everyone is rocking or the dreads. I haven't got much hair (like mini afro level) so, i'm kinda limited. Anyone know of any alternative haircuts or something that i could get, in which i will still be able to have some hair left? I don't want to any of those old school low cuts either. Thanks

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