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Delete account please

Hi, can a moderator please delete my account?  Thanks!!

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New York City

So my homie and i gonna visit my cousin in nyc next month and were wondering what shops to check out? art, kicks, galleries, bars, dubstep shows, etc. were down. smokeyface

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Your Best Shot For 2010

post only one pic. kinda hard to choose but i really love this image i took hiking in malibu [Image]

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Slamburglars Interview I Did For Class (Video)

not sure how to embed vimeo on this forum but heres the link [URL]

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Calling Street Artist in Los Angeles

yo what up, so im shooting a short documentary on the day and the life of a street artist as a film for class. 3-5 minutes consisting of interviews (can hide face/voice), influences, working process, what they do adn why, and also a day/night out in town. this could be like a mini promo of some sort i guess but yeah im trying to get this started asap, if you have any questions you can hit me back on here or at [email]mail@kingdomflight.net[/email] check out my sites at [URL]

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Now accepting submissions for my blog

Trying something new here...if you don't know I run a site called kingdom flight. Its about art, music, and just the lifestyle that those things bring. Well every month I will be accepting submissions of your best photos for the month and display them in my site. [B]What to submit? [/B] Abstract, street art, lomo, double exposures, bokeh, etc. Anything different that pertains to art, music, culture, and not the usual portrait. [B]Where to send? [/B] Please email [email]mail@kingdomflight.net[/email]. Leave your name, website link, location, and the name of your photograph (if there is one) when submitting your file. Files accepted are .JPG, .TIF, .PNG and are anywhere from 300 x 300 to 1200 x 1200 pixels. examples would be [Image] if you have any questions lmk

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SF wek'fest 2010


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2009 Mega Matsuri - Los Angeles, CA

went out to la this past weekend and took a few pics from this show [Image] [URL]

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Santa Barbara

So I just moved here from Houston and only know a couple of shops here in the 805: Fuzion CRSVR In Soul anyone know any more shops around here?

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HOUSTON - I-45 Ink Presents: Hello My Name Is [Art Show] NOV. 15, 2PM-???

[Image] [URL] SIEGO 382

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Adidas Intern?

anyone ever try to apply for a position as an intern for Adidas? or if anyone knows someone who's working as one now, what are some requirements? ive checked their site and read the requirements and such but i want to hear first hand...im really considering this

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Nicolay & Kay: Timeline

Nicolay from the Foreign Exchange and Kay of the Foundation [from houston!] putting it down with this cd. the album dropped yesterday, feb 12. u can listen to some songs on their myspace [URL]

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H.I.S.D. - The District

REPPING HOUSTON THE RIGHT WAY! if u havent heard about them yet, peep the links cd on amazon with preview [URL] cd is fire [Image] blushing

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