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Official iPhone Discussion Thread

Apple seems to be on the warpath saying connectors are holding them back from making thinner products. They said that was why they had to scrap [URL] ethernet ports and change up the old magsafe plug for this generation of laptops. I agree. It's all about moving forward. Apple will always risk pissing off someone or some group by changing something, even things as fundamental as the ports on the device, connectors, etc. I for one am thankful that they make these moves. [Image]

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Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5

One thing I don't understand with each phone is the quest to make them as thin as possible. My GS2 is too thin IMO without a cover and both the S3 and i5 are thinner -- that would get on my nerves trying to hold. Match iphone 5, there need some fit [URL]. Seems like they should make them a little thicker so you can actually hold them without a cover. [Image]

2 Weeks ago in Tech