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Wish something alerted you when sneakers were on sale?

So I'm testing out this website I have were you can set an alert for when a pair you're looking for is for sale.   Say your looking for a pair of Lebron 11 Forging Iron in your size at a non-rape price.  Its gonna be rare that these come up, but if they do, you wanna know about it. Head over to [URL] Hit manage alerts at the upper right corner of the page. Log in with Facebook.   Enter the email address you want the alert to be sent out to. Please do me a solid and post to facebook.  If not, just hit no thanks on the the next screen Enter "Forging Iron" in the keyword column, your size, and the most you are willing to pay for them Click the checkmark. You'll get an email if your pair comes up at any of these sites. Adidas Champs Cncpts Eastbay ExtraButterNY  Finishline FlightClub Foot Action Footlocker Kixify Nike n-sb.org Osneaker Packer Shoes Pick Your Shoes Rif.la Shiekh Shoebacca ShopNiceKicks Sneakerhead.com SoleCollector Please note that amazon and ebay are NOT included, these sites have there own alert systems, please use those. Also you can use the site to search all the sites above at once for anything that you are looking for.

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A visual guide of every Jordan colorway, an encyclopedia of Jordans

So I got a lot of time on my hands.  I spent the last couple months putting together a guide that lists out visually every Jordan colorway.  It was a pretty huge task, I think I got all of them.   [URL] Click on the colorway, and it will try to find that colorway on ebay, Finishline, footlocker and a bunch of other sites.   If you see missing colorways, reply to this thead.   If you like it, can you do me a solid and share it on facebook or tweet it? Thanks!

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