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Wait a minute......Is Joey Bada$$ better than Kendrick Lamar ALREADY?

Joey is Dope, with that being said KDot is the heralded new greatest rapper, without a doubt, all that Joey is doing in the limelight Kendrick Lamar has done under a different moniker and it is for that reason that he is better. But Joey is by far the most original style because of his company, Cap Steez was probably my favorite MC earlier this year and I found out he was no longer with us in material form. Hip Hop is about content, I don't like seeing people mix up the two worlds of industry and art. It shows the lack of maturity which is fine but every young age has to develop and age. The money is just old players trying to live well off you youths. Fortunately technology is too fast for them, and soundcloud and other mediums are getting cats heard from across borders.  Apocalypse is prob my favorite mixtape of all time. Capital Steez RIP man changed the way I listen to music, as did Kendrick, so much respect to both of them. I think that we would be having that conversation were he still here.

2 Weeks ago in Music Discussion