My 50 year old father is trying to be cool

dont be hatin, let your pops do his thang.

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Jailbait Son!!!!!! (READ WARNING PG 1)

i just popped a boner.

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Whos a Stoner?

[Quote] that is fucking retarded. i could smoke a joint here on a busy downtown street and the cops wouldnt care. they only care about trafficking in amounts over an ounce, anything less is just a misdemeanor and max theyll write you a ticket.

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If you can finish just ONE of these videos without being creeped out....

wow. i am honestly speachless. i mean the hair and voice in combination with sex offender status is creepy enough, but the missing tooth? holy fuck.

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Skinny/Slim Jeans + High tops...

dont tuck the jeans into the shoe, or necessarily cuff the jeans, but obviously never have the tongue inside the jean.

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What tee's do you wear? Branded? Plain?

depends on what i am wearing it with... (jeans/outerwear) i usually wear branded tees (bape, bbc, stussy, KR, etc) blank tees (banana repbulic) and polo shirts (lacoste)

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Who would you like to meet?

id love to meet john malkovich. hed be an interesting guy to say the least.

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Moving to Vancouver.

yeahhhhhhhh your probably not going to make it DT for $900 a month, real estate is out of control here. your gonna be low on money anyway cuz u gonna be spending it all on BC bud ;) north van is prob your best bet, are you gonna be going to uni or college here or just plain moving?

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[FS] - Size 29 Indigo Imperial Dukes.

pmed u.

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