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takin concealed cash, western union, paypal (+4%) AIM-Dualhandguns E-mail- [email]explosiveswords@gmail.com[/email] mork and mindys size 10.5 they come with everything, (red laces havent even been opened) the 10.5s were pretty much all gone first day so dont sleep. startin offers out at $95 bucks an BIN is 140 shipped for trades lookin mostly for jordans, older airforces, dunks, psps or Ipod videos, and any other ill stuff. message me! (add the http:// to these) i19.tinypic.com/5xo5bna.jpg i12.tinypic.com/6cn13xe.jpg i18.tinypic.com/4xku92f.jpg Vintage Charlotte Hornets Starter cap from the early 90s, crazy match for send helps! 100% DS, still has the tag attached!. at the biggest fit the hat fits like a New era 73/4 it can be adjusted for smaller heads aswell. i12.tinypic.com/5yaigx1.jpg i9.tinypic.com/4yesvtw.jpg startin it at $15 bucks, BIN is 25 shipped.

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Isn't this New Era one of the best new eras that came out recently? i think so....

oozing with wack juice out of every stitch. much doper new eras out there.

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Anyone mess with modern nikes

nikes designers after like 2000 have gone wayyyyyy far out with their shit. i understand looking to the future with designs but they took it too far. there has been no popular "current" sneaker since the late 90's that i can think off. newest one being the foamposites which were like 98 and nearly a decade old now. even jordans. they were and will always be popular but theyve all gone downhill since 11's. the last truly "gotta buy it" jordan in the streets like that were the 13's every popular shoe since then has been a retro of an old shoe

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Freddy Kougar Dunks


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No more dunks...it's now the DUNKMAN's

lmao. shaqs are hilarious. how much are those. gota be like 30 or 40 bucks right? plenty of GR dunks, and air forces that end up at those prices. and i wouldnt hate just because someones wearing cheap shoes, the fact that their an obvious bootleg of a different shoe is whats worthy of clowning. if they were original basketball shoes, then more power to them. id get a pair of starburys before those, and i bet these cost more

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different shoe pleaaaaze. so many dunks on t shirts alread

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whats the info on these, cause there dope as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dripping with wack juice

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What do you use for beaters?

khaki high SB's

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Air force 1 jordan III

shoe is dope. couldve been better tho. elephant print is super dark. would just look like pebbled leather from a distance

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Dunk jordan series

they shouldve gone to 11 atleast and made them patent leather with a red gum sole

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Ewww thats nasty

wheres the ass. i cud live with some fugazi sneaks if the ass is right

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New Era Diamond... Japan

the fitted is real. wether its a diamond supply co. hat or not i dont know. but its definitely an authentic 5950

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Raw or Naw?

look kinda light in the pictures. but if it says raw, then their prolly raw

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Post Your Ethnicity Vol. HB-la-Familia


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F*ck Racism

shit like this is exactly why i cant wait to finish college and get the fuck outa the south.

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