[FS] Supreme Red Utility Camp Cap

[Image] FOR SALE. $80USD OBO. Offers welcomed.

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The Journey: From 265 to 180lbs.

If you guys use the Shoutbox, many of you know me or know of me mainly for my stupid acts. I recently purchased the Tan Supreme Roses Jersey and it came in the mail few days ago. (I'm not a big fan of Supreme but this jersey was awesome and I had to have it.) Sadly, I opened my shipment and tried it on: too small. I talked to people on the SB and they gave me two options, sell it or lose weight. I just dropped $120 for this. I'm going to aim to lose weight. Every week I'll try to post a picture of me wearing the jersey until it's loose on me. You guys can keep track on my weight loss goal. UPDATE: [Image]

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[FS] Han Cholo Lazarus Ring Sz 12

[Image] Bought it but it's too big for me. Only tried on once. Retail is ~$75 willing to sell for $50 + 4% fee

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[Finally Hip] – 2012 Official Discussion Thread – Fall 2012 Release!


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