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hangover cures vol. had a sick NYE

usually a cup of coffee, preferably black would fix me up.

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[DQM] - 2014 Official Discussion Thread

http://www.dqmnewyork.com/ P.S after the layering quilted jacket in a small, navy or beige c/w

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Turning 20 in less than 6 months Vol. I ain't ready

I feel like most people when they turn 20, they got their shit together, responsibilities under their control. However, I feel overwhelmingly under pressure now that I'm reaching this milestone. Plus, around this time of year I'm not that much of a festive celebrating person, holidays seems so forced in this current day and age. Would like to know what you guys think even if you're still in high school or whatever

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HB troll history vol. boland is goat

which hb troll is your favourite?  top trolls: ape, boland, london, tracy, john, goldandsacks

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PM or reply here Need to cop from Zappos (free shipping) which however doesn't ship internationally Preferably someone on the East coast for swift shipping Thanks

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Looking for someone in US to proxy UK

I want to order something from Zappos (free shipping) Will cover international shipping costs so lemme know if you wanna deal.

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[Image] What could happen

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US Proxies for UK?

Looking for a few proxies, would help if they ship cheap to the UK Thanks in advance

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[Less Taiwan] - 2012 Discussion Thread

[Image] Who is feeling em? Not sure myself but would like to hear some thoughts.

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