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I don't know where to go with this

I want to register to BapeTalk so I can post my questions on that site like my thread in the General Fashion Talk section but I need to be referred by an existing member o_0 Are there any members of BapeTalk on here? Please don't treat this as spam, you'd be helping a brotha out :D Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place but I have no idea where to put this

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BAPE losing popularity discussion

Hello, I am a University student at Greenwich and I'm doing an investigation on BAPEs downfall for my dissertation on Brand Loyalty & Customer Satisfaction. I want to hear your views on my question. You don't have to go into too much detail but it isn't bad, say what you feel Q1) Why do you think a successful brand; BAPE fell with its popularity with its customers? PEACE!!!!!!

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Closed. See: [URL]

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University Topic I'm Doing

Hello, I'm writing a dissertation and my topic is Brand Loyalty & Customer Satisfaction. Straight to the point, I'm doing a survey on BAPE and I want to post a few questions on the forum mainly about how BAPE went from being popular to not so popular over the years, as this is what I'm investigating and it's relation to my topic. I'm just wondering (since I'm new here as well) if I am allowed to do this and if it won't come across as spamming the forums. My questions will be serious and I would like users to just answer my questions and discuss it with each other. Thank You

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