Which J is more heat?

Jams (of course. You'd be stupid to pass jams over any of these,) , royals, Breds then TB of course. Forget this list, what about these from highest to lowest? .Jams (11) .CG 11 WC 4s BC 3s Infared 6s (black of course)  Aqua 8s and Bordo 7s?

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What Online Stores do you shop at? Lets get a list going + duties

kycvintage.bigcartel.com If you're looking for lowkey, this is where to go. They sell fast, and duties are about $15

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Fuck Nike Kevin Durant needs to go with under armour

haha [Embed content]

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What are you listening to?

[Embed content] You guys need some new

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How's your summer going?

First and Foremost, I got a job (In N Out) and my first car (2002 RSX, I'm a lil lucky) Unfortunately, I hadn't realized how fast paychecks come and go, so I wasn't able to invest in anything worth investing in (aside from a sub for my car smokeyface ). I expected to restock my sneaker game but it never happened :/ Other than that, I've just been burning, working ,and conditioning for my Senior and final year (probably ever) of football. And food and friends of course. Preping for Senior, just hoping there are more females at the school

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Dopest Song/Tape/Album of the summer?


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Back, Idk it's like a Beach hat.

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