Question to the DJs

So a friend of mine wants to sell me his setup(Numark TT1625 & Numark DM950 mixer) for $100. He's mad broke right now so he just need to get rid of them and catch up on bills. Just wanted to know what you guys think of the quality of that by no means an expert, just wanted to take advantage of the deal and maybe pick up a new hobby. Any help would be appreciated!

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3.0 jailbreak?

is it possible yet?

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id this song plzzzz

styles p is on it i think he got the first verse and then about 2 dudes after him(not kiss or sheek) and the chorus kept saying "mini mmini mini mini" all on a pretty hard beat. lol not much but thats all i remember

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to you health experts out there, give me a simple exercise/diet routine good for dudes trying to shave some serious pounds. not trying to look like some huge body builder. im 6'0 250lbs, i'd like to lose somewhere around 30-40 lbs...being half filipino and raised on my filipino side, white rice is a big part of my diet which i know is bad.

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Still dressing up for Halloween?

Anyone still do this? Personally i still like dressing up and getting stupid drunk on halloween. What's your idea if you're gonna dress up?

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any club/party blends?

anyone know any good ones available for dl? friend of mine is havin a party at his house. any ideas will help!!

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Punisher War Zone

[URL] looks interesting. i heard of a second punisher movie but i thought it'd go straight to dvd.

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Just picked up an iMac today. help plz!

just wondering what are some cool programs for this for getting music, converting old files, etc. this'll be my first mac computer so still gotta get used to things. plz help thx!

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will guns of the patriots come to xbox 360?

i think i remember sons of liberty being on xbox. anyone know if the new one will come as well? just wondering.

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Nicki Minaj - Warning

anyone got more info on this girl? she sounds pretty tight to me. here's a video of her over the "warning" beat. [URL]

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Dj Quik

can anyone recommend me some good party songs by dj quik? tryna compile somewhat of a summer party cd. thx!

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i need help w/a song i.d. (poetic of gravediggaz)

ok so its a song by poetic from the gravediggaz. i forgot who else was on the track, but it had some r&b female singer on the chorus. i remember he was sayin in his verse how he was feelin alot of pain from his cancer and how he's about to die n shit. if im not mistaken, i think it might've been his last recording. just a really sad, depressing song. this has been bugging me for months now. please someone help!

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Crooked i over "grindin" beat.

[URL] damn i remember watchin this vid years ago and thinkin this shit was bananas. now i found it again and yes, still crazy. sad thing is, this is about the only thing i've heard from him.

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IP addresses

im not really big into the computers much but, what exactly could go wrong if your ip address falls into the wrong hands? is it similar to you ssn or cc number being exposed to the public? p.s. sorry if in wrong section!

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Which people have the worst temper?

and what i mean is, which ethnic group has bad tempers. just curious what yall think. from my experiences, its close between mexicans & koreans. koreans having a small edge.

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