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Moving out~

Being independent is a very important skill to have. Sooner or later, everyone becomes adults with responsibilities therefore it's unavoidable for us to live on our own at certain point in our lives. So let me ask you to those who have already moved out of your parents' nest into a big world. -How much money did u save before moving out? -Do u have roommate? If so how many? -Do live in a house or in an apartment? Tell me the number of rooms n baths -Do u have a car? Can u list the living costs n the total amount for a month? including all of the bills [internet, water, rent, electricity, and car insurance.] Sure, u can separate only your portion of bill if u have roommates who throw down with you. I expect some helpful information. Thank you in advance. blushing

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Tell me the website of Lion's Den

I'm talking about the sneaker/street wear boutique that is located in LA, Chinatown. the website is supposed to be lionsden.la but it wont let me. I'm trying to buy some stuffs off from their website. Oh yeah i have visited the website before i just dont understand why it won't let me. thanks in advance.

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Dynamite NYE 2009: The biggest MMA card in Japan

[B]Shinya Aoki [DREAM champ.] vs Mizuto Hirota [SENGOKU champ] - Dynamite 2009[/B] [URL]

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Is there any websites like this one?

[URL] Just simple picture collections of COOL THINGS. It covers HOT GIRLS/DUDE [PAUSE], AUTOMOBILES, DESIGNS, RETRO STUFFS, NATURE [ANIMALS], ARTS, AND CLOTHING [STYLES]. Can u tell me some of those cool sites that are similar to this one? Minimal writings are tolerable. But focus here is the PICTURES~ [The website doesnt have to have every topic i have listed cover... it can be simply dedicated to JUST ONLY DESIGNS OR ARTS] thank u blushing

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Recommend me some good TV series

Please recommend me some good TV series that has been going at least over 1 season. I have watched "Breaking Bad" and "Weeds." Tell me the title of the TV series and what category does it fall into [Thriller, action, and comedy] I'm thinking of "How I met your mother" [comedy] and "Mad Men" [Drama]. I got time to kill because the SCHOOL IS OUT~ Thank you in advance.

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How do you like to wear your denim?

Do u like to wear your denim certain way? [Length wise] If so click one of the followings above blushing *Personally i like the fit as perfectly it can by the length of my legs. Don't really care about stacks because i've already got some stacks in knee areas and My legs look longer with straight fit. [I'm kind of short only 5.8]

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Anyone has the account for avistaz.com?

Because I'm desperately in need of invitation code to make an account so I can download some movies by torrent. thank you blushing

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iTunes application help~

Hi, Im having trouble putting or syncing the newly downloaded applications from my iTunes Library to my iPod. I click the my ipod which has the graph of capacity on the bottom and applications, movies, music, and photos etc on top. That's where I go to try sync my shit Unfortunately it wont let me click the box each application I desire to sync in to my ipod. it only allows me to click "Sync Applications" which then pops up saying.. "Are you sure you want to sync applications? All existing applications and data will be on iPod [MINE] will be replaced with applications from this iTunes Library" Unlike adding movies from my Library by dragging. It doesnt let me physically drag the icon of the app. from iTunes Library to my iPod. wat the FUCK. I have absolutely no desire to erase my current applications but I also like to add the new ones.... ANY HELP WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED THANK YOU in ADVANCE.

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Are you allergic to something?

People have so many different types of allergy. Such as peanuts, flowers, peaches, shell foods, and bee stings. so im wondering what kind of allergy do you guys have? as far as i know I'm not allergic to anything.

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Instant classic top wears

so many people wear hoodies nowdays I try to avoid it as much as I can. By Instant Classic Tops, I mean something that u can get it out of the closet and wear it anytime and looking sharp. -Trench Coat: I like that inspector look. Oh how can anyone forget this piece from THE MATRIX -Leather Jacket: I'm not sure about wearing this anytime, but not certainly everyone wears them too often. Terminator look. Uniqueness + -Members Only Jacket: Old school memorabilia from 80s. Again not tolerable for anytime. It can potentially get WACKED. -Varsity Jacket: It's classic, it doesn't get OLD EVER~ -M-65 Military Jacket: Another classic, can't go wrong with this. [M-1 is an awesome jacket too] -Denim Jacket: Sometimes it's bit difficult to wear with jeans because of the color matching with bottom and u dont want to look lame as fuck like back in 90s [wearing exactly the same color of denim on top n bottom, instant failure due to custom alike appearance]. I've seen too many pics of JAY-Z pulling too hard on this. *So feel free to help me get the list of instant classic tops going. blushing

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5-hour energy drink

i've seen this product numerous occasions from TV commercials. I decided to take this in the morning since I have to get up 6:20 to get to my class and i have 2 fuckin' tests tomorrow so i hope this shit works. im going to drink half of this first and see how it plays out. It costs me 3.77 wth so expensive. i never liked to drink coffee, energy drink and i hate especially hate Monsters. *With the help of placebo effects i hope it really works cuz i'm really counting on this shit. oh yeah has anyone tried this before? if so did it work?

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Help me name this song

[URL] the song starts at 1:39. Tell me the name and the artist of this song blushing thanks

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Are you willing to give up your organ for someone?

are you willing to do organ transplant for someone? [B]I'm talking about one of your kidneys. U only need one.[/B] Remember 1 of the episodes when Homer Simpson had to give up his kidney for his dad, but he freaked out and ran away for few times. Until he finally decided to do the right thing. [B]by the way FAMILY INCLUDES girlfriend, close friends, siblings, and a wife.[/B] ^Pick the following options

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fuck the society movies

okay let me define what i mean by fuck the society movies. We're living in very fast paced life to the point we don't have a time or forget to appreciate simple things around us like smelling roses or hiking through the nature. I'm looking for some movies that where the protagonist had enough of this urban lifestyle of bullshit so either ends up leaving or go insane from that result. Ones that I can think of right now are [B] -American Beauty- The fuck y'all attitude, im going to shit in my way whether you like it or not. -American Psycho- Most definetely went fucking crazy nuts to the max -Fight Club- Definetely went nuts -Into the Wild- The college graduate said Fuck all this. I'm going to Alaska.[/B] it can be about how fuckin' ridiculous Hollywood is or dysfunctional family made the protagonist to get the fuck out there. It can also be about the protagonist leaving everything behind to live his life in his own ideal lifestyle. *American lifestyle is hard i guess. Especially even more so if you're living in a big city like NY, LA, and Chicago.

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Who went to prison or juvie?

what's the reason you were sent into the prison or juvie? For how long? *one of the kids in high school went to the prison for selling esctasy pills. Oh yeah he was already 18.

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