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Got Grillz Whats Good, I sale Grillz, and I am looking for Reps In every area of the U.S To Help me Provide Quality Affordable Grillz EveryWhere! [COLOR="DarkOrange"]All Interested Parties Should Goto:[/COLOR][URL], or Email [email]wholesale@chi-grillz.com[/email] Chi Grillz, Your Source For Gold Grillz

2 Weeks ago in United States

San Diego (Store list on 1st page)

Whats Good What It Dew, I am Just Moved To SD, And I am Looking To Open A store Soon As Of Now I Run My Business From My Chicago Location. I wanted To Know, where would a good area be to Locate to sale Grillz? I have been getting a good amount of San Diego Cusomers, but solely from myspace and craigslist. Any One Got Any Suggestions. Please Feel free to hit me at [email]cgz@chi-grillz.com[/email] [COLOR="Red"]Interested in getting a Grill, Located ANY WHERE, But Especially In Chicago, Or San Diego Please Dont hesitate, GOTO:[/COLOR][URL] [COLOR="Blue"]We Are Also Looking For Mobile Reps Who Want To Bring Great Affordable Grillz To Thier Area Email [email]wholesale@chi-grillz.com[/email][/COLOR]

2 Weeks ago in United States

Chi Town shops!

Yeah Its Gangs, but there are gangs everywhere, just keep it moving, and you'll be straight..echo's the hat message, mostly its about respect, or seemingly disrespect..dont cross any one and stay out of drama and Chicago is the place to be. Check my store out Chi Grillz 7050 N Clark or [URL]

2 Weeks ago in United States