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What brands have the best blogs?

Pretty self explanatory. Which brand blogs do you enjoy the most? I personally like Benny Gold's. He documents his company so well that even though I live across the country, I feel like I've been able to watch the guy's brand grow like I was there.

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What do you think about streetwear? (questionnaire)

So after being involved in streetwear for the better half of a decade, I've seen the landscape of the industry shift dramatically. So I created a questionnaire to gauge what everyone on this forum thinks about streetwear compared to what I thought about streetwear when I first got into it. This isn't for a brand or company, just my personal curiosity. It's a short 10 question questionnaire and if anyone wants to see the results when I'm done analyzing them I'll share. [URL]

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College Sports Sayings

So this is for all HB members that are in college, I'm looking for different sports sayings that are unique to your school, like popular phrases that people say on game days, on campus or at tailgates, etc. It's for a school project on sports communication and this would help immensely! Plus I'm interested as to what school has the best ones.

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Restoring Value to the Graphic T-shirt

Since first getting involved in streetwear back in the mid-2000s, I've seen a lot of trends come and go in this niche fashion business. And though there has been a lot of progress in the garments produced over time, the t-shirt has consistently been the cornerstone of almost every brand's collection year in and year out. These days brands are a dime a dozen and the word 'saturated' doesn't even do the streetwear market justice, so t-shirts inevitably have certainly lost their value. The new black bart Mishka tee that dropped. Before, it would have had some real hype behind it, but now, it's just a Wednesday blog post on Hypebeast. So what I want to know from the Hypebeast community is A)Do you think that t-shirts will continue to be the cornerstone of streetwear or will it be something else and B)what will bring that extremely sought after quality back to t-shirts? Or anything else for that matter.

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[Wooder Supply] – 2011 Official Discussion Thread

Hey Hypebeast Dissatisfied with whats going on with streetwear today I recently released the first set of tees from my label [URL]. The brand is heavily inspired by sportswear, comic books and skateboard graphics of the 80s and 90s, and built on the ideas of progress, quality and exclusivity in streetwear. I wanted to make Wooder Supply for the few discerning customers that still value exclusivity and quality, and want a product that reflects the gritty D.I.Y ethics that streetwear was founded on. www.woodersupply.com www.facebook.com/woodersupply www.twitter.com/woodersupply [Image] And more gear to come!

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Jay-z Buys BBC

With Bape having been sold to I.T, BBC finds a new owner in Jay Z. What do you guys think about the acquisition seeing that it is now going to be managed under Rocawear?

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Those NBA Champions hats...

that the Lakers got were killer.

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