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[WTB] Supreme TNF and Varsity Jackets and Big Logo Thermal Hoody - Size L

Hey Everyone, I'm looking for a couple specific pieces and have paypal ready to go. Also have a Black Box Logo (L) for trade. I'm not willing to get taken to the bank on any of these, but if you have them used in good condition let me know. Located in Canada. 1. Supreme x North Face Pullover - S/S 2011  [URL] 2. Supreme Varsity Jacket - Could be any of the ones from the last few years. Primarily want one with leather sleeves. 3. 2011 - Thermal Hoody with the large logo over the top of the hood. In either Maroon or Olive. 4. Supreme Two Tone Pullover Parka in either Red/Blue or Green/Khaki Thanks,

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[WTB] Supreme Crewneck - Size L

Looking to see what's available out there in a size L Supreme crewneck. Doesnt need to be DS but would like something close. Like 8/10. Any color but grey. Preferably a full size Box Logo from a couple seasons back, or Small Box Logo from last year. Located in Canada, so you have to be willing to ship here. Let me know whats out there.

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Hey Everyone, Selling a couple of BOX Logo's for everyone with the thirst. One is F/W 2011 and one is F/W 2012. Only shipping to Canada and the USA because these are the only locations Canada Post offers tracking/delivery confirmation.  I only accept Paypal to verified shipping address'. Add 4% Paypal fee to prices listed; US shipping let me know where you're located so I can figure out what shipping will cost. Tagged Group Pic: [Image]

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Actually Going to Rome, Italy - Suggestions?

Going to be in Rome for the next four days, wondering if anyone has any suggestions of what needs to be seen (excluding the obvious tourist attractions hahaha). Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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Any Sales/Events in the SF area in the next couple weeks?

Swingin down to SF for a week and a bit, was hoping somebody might have the scoop on any must see shows, or even some sample sales or something. thanks fam

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Custom Made Nike's

Hey I remember reading an article a couple months ago about a shop that was doing custom made dunks and AF1's does anyone know anything about this. Are there many of these stores? I dont think they were talking about painting the shoes, but rather you go in and pick all the colors and they get the shoes made up for you. Does anybody have any info regarding this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Your Favorite Old School Hip Hop

Im helping put together an old school hip hop night at a campus bar cuz im tired of hearing the same shit everynight i go out. I'm helping the DJ put together a song list and just wanted to know what the top couple old school hip hop songs that you guys like are. Just wanna make sure I havent missed anything dope. Lemme know peace J

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