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Lost Boyz "Legal Drug Money"

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Will Lebron Be Better Than Jordan?

Todays elite players like Melo, KD, Lebron, etc... have pretty much tossed the whole position thing out the window with their skill sets and body types. Nowadays u have a 6'8 beast like Lebron running the point when needed, even Kobe playing PG before he blew his ACL (get well soon, unless you're a diehard Clippers fan you should want that dude playing) Shit, Melo doesn't even want to be classified as a PF, yet he ends up being our Center a few times a game when Woodson plays small ball. Times have changed from the 80s/90s.....saw it in the late 90s and early 2000s with players like Tmac but IMO the transition is pretty complete in today's NBA. (still can't compare players like Nate and Shaq tho FOH) --respect to SADO up there for speaking some truth on the MJ/Bron debate

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NYC Stand Up


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