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The Hype Scene's Friday's Featured Female

From now on, every Friday, I will present a beautiful woman in this thread that I will also feature on The Hype Scene. The goal is not to just present and share any beautiful woman every Friday with HB but one that is off the radar and not mainstream (ex. Kate Upton). You can go to any other place for the mainstream women. They essentially have enough hype and frankly, sometimes they get overplayed and overrated. I'm going to make it a mission to find the best photos of each featured female and share as many "unknowns" as I can with HB since I'm already doing it for The Hype Scene. Also keep in mind that although you may know her, many others will not and it will be their first time feasting their eyes on the beauty. In addition, I'll be taking suggestions so feel free to PM me. It's natural for us to get bored of seeing the same thing time and time again, and want something new and exciting. So let's start it off with this week's Friday's Featured Female: Diana Villas Boas aka Brazilian Jessica Biel. [Image] The [URL] Tune in next week! Peace.

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T.I. Go Get It

[Embed content] It's been a while since TI dropped something this hot

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WDYWT & Pickup Photo Contest & Giveaway by The Hype Scene

[Image] Come here often, especially the Off-Topic forums and noticed a lot of you like to share photos of your pickups and WDYWT. Thought this would be cool to share with the HB fam. "thehypescene.com is giving away a couple of gift cards to either Nike, Karmaloop or New Era. The winner will get to choose! In order to place an entry you can choose any of the following methods: 1. Like The Hype Scene of Facebook. 2. Follow the @Hype_Scene on Twitter, and retweet the contest. 3. Post a photo on the Hype Scene. If your photo is the the most 'HYPED' in the month of June you will be guaranteed a gift card! The Hype Scene is all about posting and sharing streetwear-related photos, and it's time we give back. So add your photos to the curated collection of streetwear photos and win!" The winner can even post what they bought with the gc after they win too.

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Jay-Z's Made in America Festival Tickets Go on Sale May 23rd

[Image] Tickets go on sale tomorrow! The festival goes on for two days in Philadelphia. [Embed content] Line-up includes: "Jay-Z, Pearl Jam, Skrillex, Miike Snow, Afrojack, Calvin Harris, Odd Future, D’Angelo, Maybach Music (feat. Rick Ross, Wale, Meek Mill), Passion Pit, Santigold, Dirty Projectors, X, Janelle Monae, Prince Royce, Rita Ora, Savoy (DJ set), The Knocks. More artists will be announced soon." Source: [URL] Anybody on HB going? It's like a mini-Coachella

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The Questions Re-Release May 25th

[Image] "The Question from Reebok became one of the most popular sneakers to ever be released and in turn became iconic for what it represented. The name of the shoe came from the fact that many critics questioned the ability of future Hall of Famer and basketball superstar Allen Iverson to make a name for himself in the NBA...he Questions will be re-released on May 25th, 2012 in its original form sporting the colors red, white, and blue. The number three, Iverson’s number for most of his legendary career, is featured on the back." Source: [URL] Had a pair of these back in the day and loved them. I know some people would rather cop Jordans that are released around the same time but these shoes are iconic too! I'm trying to figure out where to get them though...might take my chances online just to avoid the crazy lineups but where online? Anyone know?

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Jeremy Lin's Nike Air Force One Quickstrike

[Image] Source: [URL]

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