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Who makes slim sweatpants with elastic cuff at bottom??

I don't generally post but I was searching for sweats and thru this conversation found my way to H&M for my first visit!  Prior to today, I bought my last two pairs of sweatpants at Barney's.  one by Acne ($220) and one by Theory ($180 or so). Today I ventured to H&M and bought three pairs of their sweatpants for $25 a pop and their far better than the theory ones in terms of fit, with the sane style. The acne pair have much more detail and are clearly better made but not equal to the price difference!  So I definitely would suggest going to H&M. The sweatpants fit great, the ankle is tight enough that when pulled up to the calf they don't keep falling (major pain in the A$$ with the theory pair.   Thats my two cents...for basics, H&M is pretty sweet

2 Weeks ago in Fashion