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New apartment: not to expensive grapichs/paintings/posters?

Hi, Just moved into a new apartment, and since my old room at my parents house is filled with andy warhol paintings ;-) I don't have any art in my new apartment. Therefore I need some cool new graphics, paintings or posters that is possible for a student to pay for. Maybe just some good sites to look through. And do I need to say it cannot be art similar to warhol, lichenstein etc? blushing Thank you

2 Weeks ago in Visual Arts

Bags similar to the Visvims Kudu

Hi, I'm looking for a new back. I love the Visvim Kudu, but it is a bit to expensive for me. I also found the LexDray Boulder Back and Tokyo bag, but I would like some other alternatives, because I would like to choose between other coolurs than black. Do you know any other alternatives? The only MUST I have is the strap over the chest. And it shall not be a snowboard/ski bag. Thank you.

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

New Warm winter jacket?

Hi, Iam looking for a new winter jacket, but I serioiusly cant decide. I have some few requests: - Has to be warm and at least water resistant, I am living in denmark, so in the winter the temperature is constantly between (-5) - (-10) degrees celcius - Cannot be a trenchcoat og dufflecoat, because they are not functional enough for me. - max price 1k dollar What do you suggest blushing Thank you

2 Weeks ago in Fashion