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Finishline Airforce 180's

these are ugly as hell... meet jordan 5's mixed wit am 90s.... with a horrible colorway.. but shit u like em cop em

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yerr ma ppls!!

[Quote] he reminds me of dave cheppelle episode with the "eyoo wyclef u want to get on this hott fiyahh!!!!???" lol o btw your a doush man...

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Official: Nike SB Release Thread

i used to want the milli vanilli's but idk they dont rele look all that hot..kinda bland in my opinion tho those dred laces r pretty hott.. but the vanilla ice blazers r fresh man.. those r a deff cop... r those gunna start at like $85?

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What do you do when u recieve fake sneakers???

i hear some people saying resell them.... wtf ya all soo agaisnt fakes but you;d resell them? wuts good with that bullshit??

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Dinosaur jr's

they best not get cancelled, shittt.....

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What meal replacements are you guys on?

yeh my moms got me some source meal replacement.. only 70 calories and loaded wit vitamins and all thatt... thing is it really doesnt fill me up... seems more like a protien drink then anything else... what do you guys use and what do you think is the best? im just curious becuase idk if im feeling this stuff... tho coffee tastes banging lol

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psp help

be careful tho cuz that shit can fuck yo psp up

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yeh man im 19 n just started like 3 months ago (started at 1smokeyface so im in the same boat as u.. u r deff not too young especially if u have alota heart into wut u do... tho i had a little experence from when i was younger so i did not have to start from skratch... honestly tho do it... even if u dont want to compete its an awesome way to get in shape.

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Dinosaur jr's

release in january? feb? any1 got any news?

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Hypebeast Bored Game

[Quote] let me ask u somthing... why the fuck do u kno that lolol

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muay thai

wuts ya take on real kempo?

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yeh and you'll probably end up a skinny mal nurished girly man.

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I Need A Diet

yeh man im also 6'0 and between 195-200 (idk my weight always changes inbetween there) i have lost about 25 pounds in like 3 1/2 months and went down from like a size 38 jeans to now a 35.. but i wana kno if i can like loss more flab.. my stomach is still a bit chubby... i do about 600 crunches a day about a minimum of 250 push ups a day.. i cut out junk food and sodas.. any other advice... i want to be like 180 pounds and lean not like a skinny bitch.. any suggestions?

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Ninja Turtle Dunks?

honestly if u feelin green kicks.. i would wait n cop the hulks... i kno the design is completely diff but now i see green i think hulks 2

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those snakeskins whatever are disgusting... but those hulk 2;s are hot.. deff cop.. when do they come out? im also feelin the dino jr(pic not posted ikno) i herd sumwhere they coming out in jan... any1 can confirm?

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