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UEFA Champions League 2008/2009

Everyone knows United had a goal disallowed in the Porto tie, right? Everyone seems to forget Mourinho was really fortunate to win the Champions League that year as United were CLEAR favorite. Also, Porto qualified for that year through a title they bought the year before. Almost like AC Milan with the Serie A scandal. Edit. Starcr3am posting.

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Anyone still have their pokemon cards?

[Quote] Yeah, I have a funny story about those Mewtwo Promo's. I basically got hooked up by my friend's mom that was a manager at a local theater in my 'hood. So she basically gave me most of the shipments in boxes of all the cards and shit. So I was loaded and ripped the fuck off most of the peeps that I would see in tourneys. And about Sneasel, I was told he was banned after I quit. I was even told to come back and play, but I declined as I found the game boring. I looked through my shit yesterday and found all my decks, including this new Haymaker Deck I was working on that could basically handle any situation. Like a swiss army knife, toolbox, Magical Scientist kinda deck. It included cards both new and old and abused the tutor cards like 4 Oaks, 4 Searches, 4 Item Finders, and tecHed the fuck out of it with 4 Gust of Wind, 4 Switches, and a couple of them special energies that had some great effects. Like for example, I played Dark Energies with no Dark Energy pokemon to simply dump with Comp Search, and then get back with Promo Mewtwo and his attack would be 40-60 depending on the amount of dark energies that fool that on. I also added Double Colorless for Chansey and Metal Energies for the same purpose the Dark Energies served. It was so tecHed out and my plays had infinite potential and up to what my mind thought of certain situations. Too bad Trading Card Games don't pay the bills. Edit. This is Starscr3am on a friend's name BTW.

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Google image your user name


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Daily Snaps 1st Qtr. 2009

Hollywood [Image]

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What are you listening to?

Diamond Life(feat. Patty Crash) - Tyga

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New Kanye Mixtape

This shit heat!

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Name one movie you'd recommend


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Drunk Or High?

High. Cuz when you get really drunk you could never remember what you have done.

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Celebrities you've met

[Quote] I Work In A restaurant called Jerry's Famous Deli & Restaurant in Studio City, CA. Thats where I've met these people.

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How much is your credit card bill?.....

BAVisa= $845.0 Chase Masterd Card= $125.0 76 Gas Card= $84.0 Thats A total of $1,054.0 and i still have a car payment and rent/bills

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Celebrities you've met

Adam Sandler Rob Schneider Lupe Fiasco 36 Mafia Ray J Suge Knight Missy Eliot Queen Latifa Yung Berg Chamillionaire Mya Simbad Amanda Bynes Kelly Osbourne Meet them all at work.

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It's deeper than Atlantis Home of the scandalous Big Bad [B][COLOR="Blue"]Los Angele[/COLOR][/B]s

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Best Freestyle rapper?

[SIZE="4"][B]Apathy hands down!![/B][/SIZE] [URL]

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Rap Battle Thread

Yo I ain't afraid of shit, I don't even pretend I be flippin' God off through his microscope lens im an asshole supreme with violent friends Closest i come to peace signs is drivin' a Benz This is hip-hop that overloads amps and speaker boxes For muthafuckas' rooms that cluttered with sneaker boxes Tongue ring bitches who be sneakin' our oxes In the club where security decreases the options 'Cause Im like William Blake, but filled with hate Who broke open his brain to let the skills escape It's like silicon tits to porno chicks I could flow on 'till Voltron's torso splits I supply, multiply like Gordo's chips I'm a He-Man, and y'all are on some Orko shit Gold BBS rims on a Saab with the stop sign '87 status radio show dock nine Los Angeles veteran, better than ever before Handprints embedded in metal of mics I tore In half with half a paragraph, skin grafts needed It's equivalent to starin' in the sun when tryin' to read it Y'all wanna get defeated, that's a personal decision But I'm cuttin' muthafuckas up with surgical precision A legend in the making, the last of a dyin' breed Y'all are newjacks, probably get shook when buyin' weed You're MySpace gangstas, with guns in pictures I'll slap your face and tongue fuck your sisters

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