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IAYSGB V8hunj390fg9

IAYSGB V8hunj390fg9

2 Weeks ago in Music Discussion

Australians, Help Me Out

My brother and I are planning on taking a three month(ish) vacation to Aus and wanted to know if you had any input on where to go/stay and what prices for apartments are like. We've been doing our research but I'm sure you guys are on some shit no website can tell us. We're trying to be relatively close to a beach so we can surf or at least near a way to the beach haha. Not sure what coast city would be cheap rent/dope night life and good waves etc. Put me on some ish. Thanks

2 Weeks ago in Asia

Skating in Barcelona Help

I might be taking a trip up there with my pops, it's kind of a random thing and he'll be at meetings all day everyday so I can go out and skate. I was wondering if anybody knew where any of the good spots are located around the city? I'm just there for fun, not even bringing a cam so I'm not looking for any huge sets or anything, just some fun places to skate and create. Thanks

2 Weeks ago in Europe