Size 13 DS: Fire Red III, Kobe V Chaos & All Star,

All of the following shoes are size 13 and Deadstock. They come with everything they should come with, and the boxes are intact. Shipping with USPS and Paypal are additional. Feel free to ask a question. Thanks for taking a look. Fire Red III $250 [Image]

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Burton F-Stop pack

[URL] One of these. Brand new with tags. $200 OBO shipped. I'll have my own pics up soon, and it has never been used in any way. Top camera backpack. Look it up online.

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I need dress shoe help

I have $250 to spend on dress shoes in Los Angeles. What's the best pair I can score? I want to buy in store and they are to be worn with a dark grey suit. I have a job interview on monday lol and I haven't had a pair of decent shoes for a few years. At least I have a good suit already!

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[WTB] Supreme S new era 7 5/8

I want to buy a supreme S new era in 7 5/8. I would prefer to pay by paypal, but I can also do southern california meet ups. Color preferences: 1. Blue 2. Red 3. whatever the hell else is out there I am legit and shit...

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If I want something unique to London?

Im hitting up London next week, and I was wondering where I should go if I want to buy something I can only get there. I mean, when I hit up a city I try to buy something from "the shop" there. A huf tee in SF, Supreme and Union gear in LA and NYC, DQM in NYC, etc... But what should I get in London? It sounds like the famous Bond shop isn't open anymore. As for other shit... Are the Uniqlo stores any good? Or should I just not bother since the pound is worth a lot? How about Carhartt europe stuff? I don't plan on shopping very much anyhow.

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WTF is up with stussydirect?

They haven't updated in like over 6 weeks. This is very unusual for that website. Anyone know what's up?

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Official Chopped & Screwed Music Thread

Can anyone from Houston on here recommend me some good chopped and screwed tracks? My NW geography hasn't really allowed for any real diffusion of the genre into my Itunes. I know its a random question, but I'm in South America and 18 pages deep into a 25 page paper... Help me procrastinate.

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[Homeroom] - 2007 Discussion Thread

Does this shit even hit the streets? I NEVER see it... [Image] the random ass pic is from their blog... I need a random colored lumberjack...

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[Cosby] 2007 Discussion Thread

Cosby makes some nice stuff. I especially like their flannels. [Image] Does anyone know if any Bay area spots carry their gear? Im headed down there this weekend? How about online? Krudmart only has XLs of the flannels left...

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Hundreds Classic Inseam?

Anyone know how the inseams run on the Hundreds Classic Denim? I wear a 36, but I need at least a 36 inseam. I feel like they might run short.

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Supreme 5 panels

[Image] Anyone know if Supreme still has this hat in green/red?

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Dope! If only...

If only nike would actually put out something like these [Image] The solid color is fresh as fuck

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The grey slim cheap mondays in a 36.

Has anyone ever seen these in a 36? Ive seen the OD black ones in a 36, but not the grey "45 minute" wash ones. I've checked the usual online spots with no luck.

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Best Place to Blog?

Im making a blog as part of my internship this summer, and I was wondering, which free site has the best features and creative options? Good design isn't in my job description, but I'm trying to get ahead here. I'll probably just end up using Blogger. It seems good enough.

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Rip off and Duplicate?

Anyone know if any stores other than cmonwealth are going to carry this stuff? Online or in LA that is.

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