[FS] Supreme RED Air Force 1 Hi 10.5 SOLD

Looking for: [LARGE] Supreme Box Logo Hoodie (Olive/Navy), Supreme Mickey Mouse Hoodie, [XLARGE] PCL Pocket Tee Supreme Air Force 1 Hi (RED, 10.5) SOLD BIN 350 (+4%) [Image] I can provide more pictures, message me.

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[WTB] Janoski Mid Chestnut Brogue 10.5-11

I'm looking for a size 10.5-11, probably an 11. If some miracle worker can find me a pair, I'd be more than happy to pay for them.. Please hit me up. I slept on these.

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[FS/FT] Supreme Basquiat M-65, Biggie Tee

Looking for: [LARGE] Supreme Box Logo Hoodie (Olive/Navy), Supreme Mickey Mouse Hoodie [XLARGE] PCL Pocket Tee *UPDATED 11.17.13* Bape x UNDFTD Nobility Tee: SOLD Last Supper Hoodie: SOLD Pin Dot Shell: SOLD Supreme Basquiat M-65 (Black, Large) DEAD STOCK BIN 500 (+4%) + Shipping [Image] For further photos/details of items I'm selling you can look [URL].

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[WTB] SUPREME Mickey Mouse Hoodie, Box Logo Hoodies LARGE, Red Riding Hood Tee XLARGE

Anyone got that Mickey Mouse hoodie in large from years ago? Or maybe a tee in XL? Looking for a Olive and/or Navy with Red box logo in Large. Preferably almost new condition or better. 200 or less shipped. Thanks guys.  Also looking for Red Riding Hood Tee, size XL in most colors, close to retail if possible, not including shipping. Hit me up!

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Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase Two

Where my Marvel geeks at? Discussion, predictions, and all things for the upcoming films including: Iron Man 3, Thor 2, Captain America 2, Ant-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers 2. I'm super excited for Guardians of the Galaxy. Thoughts?

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Rock the Bells 2012 Re-Cap

Totally late on this, but didn't think of posting it on here until now. Runs a bit long at 5 minutes, but gives a nice little re-cap of the weekend. Opinions please! I'm actually planning on re-doing the type mo-graphs later. [Embed content] Thanks guys! :D

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Brand Side Project – Dashet.

I've been afraid to do this because of "constructive criticism" I would get, but I decided that I'm going to finally post it. I started a "clothing brand" back in January and have been working on it on the side since then. The brand is called Dashet (pronounced however you would like) and its a streetwear brand, but only doing tees while funds are low. If and when the business goes decently well, I would venture into sweatshirts, then wovens, and then outerwear. Hopefully! I have a few shirts and stickers in print right now. I would love to get your guys' opinions on everything from the website to the clothing to the logos! The shop, in terms of design, is still under contruction, but functioning. Please, please let me know! And be harsh. Thanks guys! :D [URL]

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