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H&M PUFFER JACKET Reversible Black/Blue Down Bomber L (eBay)

[URL] Great jacket, black or blue shiny, size men's large, take a look. Currently at just

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eBay: NOMIS DESIGN Snowboarding Button-up Hood TRULLI 3 HOODIE Medium

[URL] Nomis Lauri Heiskari Trulli 3 all-over print design! So dope. Currently at

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eBay: Small SPECIAL BLEND D3 Unit JACKET Snowboarding baller varsity

[URL] Everybody wanted this... such a great jacket! Currently at

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The Wrist Watch Discussion Thread

Anyone know of a good way to get it back to its gleaming whiteness again? Especially the rubber wristband loop, gets dirty with rubbing on tables etc...

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What are these pouches worn by CUDI & BIG SEAN amongst others???

These clip on trouser/pant pouches... [Image] What are they called?? Anyone know? Can't find them anywhere... I think I need one in my life to reduce the mobile phone pocket boldge!! Thanks.

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Who hypebeasts from the UK???

Just seeing who else is in the UK here? Seems our country lacks the fresh kids that are seen globally but it's all good though cus we're exclusive son! Hello, hi, how you doing? Easy now.

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ATTENTION all DJ's/people who like vinyl...

Selling some old hip-hop vinyl records on eBay. Go peep... [URL] Just helping out! All starting at 0.99p, end tonight (UK time) in a bit! Available to the world. More stuff going up on there later too. Easy now.

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"THE FEAST" - A story of creative progression...

[B]Okay so this is crazy long but if you've got a minute then endure the amount of reading and check out this short story below. It's pretty sick...[/B] "There once existed a land of plenty. This land was bountiful and the inhabitants farmed and harvested their crops without fear of famine or plague. The gentlefolk would scatter the seeds in the traditional manner of their forefathers and the yield would be great. The harvest was always the same; everyone was provided with ample provision. The same crops were sown every year as they were reliable and stayed true to the seasonal changes. The rains would come and the soil would be fed. The sun would come and the crops would grow strong. Every year it was the same. The people would hold great feasts to celebrate the consistency and the abundance of the food. They would prepare the food in the same manner as their ancestor; it had always been so. One year there were empty seats at the large banquet table. 'Where are our brothers?' asked the people. 'I have seen them', one of the elders replied solemly. 'They did not sow their seed with us, nor tend the land, nor reap the harvest as we have done this season. They are not present at this great feast; this annual celebration. They have struck out on their own. I saw them preparing their own food and creating their own feast. Let us not concern ourselves with their petty experiments, but continue as we always have and enjoy our own feast!' The people cheered and the banquest commenced. The small congregation perched at their own tiny table. They wore hearty smiles as they tasted the luscious food they had harvested. They had tired of the old ways; the traditional ways. They saw new land and new seeds and devised new methods of farming. They had been bold and though no guarantee of success had been forthcoming, they nonetheless pursued their own path, feeling it to be right and good. They had endured mockery, but they had turned their backs and continued with their tasks. Now they sat together, the few of them, and enjoyed a bounty the likes of which had never graced the land. Every mouthful was as sweet as the purest honey. They ate and talked and laughed and agreed to try a similar approach for the next season. Through the next year, those select few imparted the story of the new crop to several other folk whom they deemed would be appreciative and respectful. Though first struck through with scepticism, these people were convinced to turn their hands to the novel seed. Again, they reaped a lush harvest. The feast was larger and had to provide for more people, but the food remained ripe and delicious. The recently-arrived people were struck through with awe and admiration for the new ways and the ingenuity of those few friends who had so bravely followed their own paths. Though they had not commenced the journey with these first travellers, the newcomers nonetheless felt privileged and honoured to be a part of the feast. The following year, the congregation grew more numerous still. Those original few were unable to share their wisdom directly with so many newcomers, so others that had arrived to farm the new crop at an earlier stage imparted what they believed to be the true methods and thinking behind the seed. These new people tried to learn but were more attracted to the stories of the bountiful feast that was rivalled by no other. They were not concerned with origins of the seed for they knew only that it yielded a crop unlike anything before; a crop that provided for great feasts that made those of the fore-fathers pale in comparison. Word began to spread throughout the land about the crops and the farming methods this chosen number had first embraced. So it came to pass that the wariness and suspicion of the many began to break down. The details of the crop and the feasts were shared, though with so many whispers, details and intentions were lost with each new seed sown into the soil. As its abundance increased, the origins of the crops slowly began to fade into obscurity. Gradually the old way was all but lost into antiquity as the new method became the norm. The feasts were great and the food was good, but there was not retained in their preparation the care and the consideration first accorded the crop by the innovative few. These original pioneers despaired of the sharing of the crop as they witnessed it diluted and mistreated. The whole land followed the new way. This continued for years and years. Generation after generation handed down the methods of sowing and farming the new crop. The people of the land became adept at the production and the harvest of the crop on a grand scale. Each year the feast brought great joy to everyone in the land. Then, one day, it became apparent that there were a small number of empty seats at the large banquet table. 'Where are our brothers?' asked the people." [B]You ccc?-3. Got this from a write up by Made magazine in the book "StreetWear" by Steven Vogel.[/B]

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