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LA Shopping

go to Fairfax between melrose and wilshire area. theres a shit load of hipster stores tangled with cool bakery's. freshjive, turntable lab, etc etc i think supreme is open now, wasnt a month ago. FAIRFAX ps go after 12pm some stores open late b los angeles / 818 / 323 / 562 / 626

2 Weeks ago in United States

1 week in Japan/Tokyo

if ur on a budget, dont sleep on the 7-Elevens here, they are not the best ever but are waaay better than the ones in the states. You can get some super cheap sandwiches, snacks, and chicken/pork+rice type plates. super markets have deals too on the katsu bowls and just look around for a bit. stay away from beef cus its super expensive. there are great art shows/store openings/design events too. some are more expensive than others, but worth the money. the whole city is a "must do", basically dont be afraid to get lost. you will find some cool stuff. here is a link to the art info. [URL] enjoy your trip b

2 Weeks ago in Japan

Please Help / Looking for 10 DEEP Hoodie

What's going on!? I'm from LA and have been in Tokyo for a few weeks now. Ran into a hoodie that I was feeling but the size was xl, a little big for me. 10 DEEP is easy to find in LA, but been kinda hard in Tokyo. Anyone know where I might be able to find this hoodie but in black? I'm in Shibuya / Harajuku once a week. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here is the link... [URL] Thanks so much. B

2 Weeks ago in Asia