[FS] Saint Laurent; Supreme, Balenciaga, Rick Owens, Dior Homme, Balmain, Philip Lim, Etc.

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Balmain, Dior Homme, RRL, APC, and More Jeans

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RRL Slim Fit Jeans Cheap

I have a pair of RRL Slim Fit size 33 jeans for sale for only $275! They're washed and not those cheap raw pairs. The wash is dark and has minimal fading making it look very very realistic, overall I've worn them probably less than 15 times. I paid about $380 for them at the Ralph Lauren store on Rodeo in Beverly Hills in 09. These aren't one of the crappy pairs you find in discount stores no one wanted. Fit is great and quality is amazing! I've owned everything from samurais to diors and these have both a great fit and great quality which isn't common, they're just too big for me. [Image]

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Girl Talk-All Day

Surprised no one posted it yet. What do you guys think of it? I can't download it from his website for some reason... [URL]

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Kid Cudi Complex Interview

One of the few interesting music interviews I have seen in a while. [URL] Talks about being the most creative artist out, doing blow, having a daughter, and wale being a simple ass

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11.5-13 White Cement IIIs, AlifexPuma, French Blue VIIs, etc. HEAT for CHEAP

NO TRADES, PM me if you have cash in hand, Paypal preferred, Not shipping out the U.S., even cheaper price if you buy more than 1 item. Air Jordan White Cement III size 11.5 (VNDS, 8.5/10 condition) $180 [Image]

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11.5-12 White Cement III, French Blue VII, Infared VI

White Cement Air Jordan III Size 11.5, VNDS $200 [Image]

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OG Diamond Heat: Marilyn Monroe, Iron Maiden, Sade, etc. cheap

Marilyn Monroe -[COLOR="Red"]SOLD[/COLOR] Iron Maiden [COLOR="Red"]SOLD[/COLOR] Diamondx10 Deep (Original 1/25, never sold because of legal issues)- [COLOR="Red"]SOLD[/COLOR] DiamondxRaekwon- [COLOR="Red"]SOLD[/COLOR] Sade [COLOR="Red"]SOLD[/COLOR] Get your Shine On- Large DS- $30 +shipping [Image]

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Feedback: bwssldr

If you've bought from me before please leave some feedback. Thanks, much appreciated.

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Usher Monster

So I was reading Concreteloop and they posted a leaked song from Usher's new album Monster prod. by Pharrell called [URL]. I wasn't really feeling the song but it said that other songs from the album have already leaked. Does anyone have them?

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I'm going to Paris in August for a week and want some advice. I already know that a huge percentage of people are on vacation and a lot of stuff in shut down in August but is it really a big deal? What stores should I hit up besides Collette? Any and all recommendations are appreciated, thank you.

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Leather Jacket

Any recommendations for a good leather jacket. It can be faux if it is cheap and looks good.

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Quarter Pounder for 25 Cents

So has anyone herd that if you buy a quarter pounder you get a second one for 25 cents today, or something like that. I have seen it on a few forums but heard it might just be a lie.

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Poster Printing?

So there was a thread a while ago about this website that you could upload an image on and then it would print it for you on like 9 pieces of paper or however many you wanted. Could someone give me the website for it?

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Jack Purcell Sizing

Could anyone tell me how to size on Jack Purcells? On the website it says to just get your true size but people have told me to go down a bunch of different sizes.

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