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I'm livin in Avalon for the summer. anywhere within 30 mins that i can pickup dope shit?

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Ysl Pin 3” & Dope 4 finger ring NYC Paypal

Interested in the Louis Vuitton belt. Do you have receipt? Also could you provide More pictures? I would like to see the belt stretched out, and the back of the buckle, and any marks/defects? Email me whe you have a chance: aburkhardt320@gmail.com

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need help sizing belts

I'm thinking about buying a new belt. I'm either going with a louis vuitton, gucci, fendi, or burberry. I need to know if any of these brands run big/small. What size should I get? I wear a size 30 trues and 31 APC.

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The Official Leather Goods Thread

Since my wallet is a light color, any tips on keeping the leather clean? and what should i treat it with? [Image] Versace belt. reversible

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ill buy the camo camp. $105 done. PM me

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