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Dior Homme Runway desert boots sz 9.5

The title says it.... Dior homme Desert boots. Size on the box says 41, but they fit like 9- 9.5's. 100% authentic purchase from Saks. I like them a lot, but I will not have many occasions to wear them and I don't want these just sitting in my closet. asking $400....or you can try bidding on them ebay ( i have them listed there as well ) [Image]

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Fujifilm fixepix 3D & 2D camera ( 720p 3D and 2D Video)

I purchased this Camera about two days ago and i love it. Books for college are a bit more expensive than i thought. There is nothing wrong with it do some research on it... It's a pretty sick camera. I have the box the CD and everything that came with it. It's pretty much brand new. hit me up. I also got some brand new Ibeats i wanna sell [Image]

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Tell me what you think

So i have been fucking around with my Nikon p90, it ain't an DSLR but it gets the job done. i got into car photography a month ago, let me know what you guys think. haters are welcome. keep in mind that i just started this, aint a pro. [Image]

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The Middle fucking east.....

first of, I'm venting right now. In pakistan, a kid 15 and his brother 17 got beat to death by a mob just because they were accused of robbing someone. the were beat for hours until they finally gave up the battle to survive.... Pakistan is in shit right now as it is getting hit by massive floods and people are dying. Okay, so why do you think the middle east is such shit. Iraq is fucked up, everybody hates Iran, Pakistan is always hosting some mother fucking terrorist, afghanistan.... i don't even want to start. So i was raised muslim, and now that i am older and i am starting to learn things, i realize that this religion has been turned around and is being used for the wrong reason therefore, God is unleashing disasters on these countries. because if you think about about it, Muslims these days are becoming a major problem. it's not that they are bad people, it's just the way they want to follow the religion. they barely take away the basic morals and go on to "jihad"... fuckers are so illiterate and retarded. who the fuck believes that they gonna have 72 virgins up in heaven... ✖✖✖✖✖ shit. so all that shit thats happening in the middle east is happening all because of the people inhabiting it. no one is to blame. ?)

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Slim dress pants ???

so i got a new job and i was told by the district manager that i need to wear "slacks" or dress pants.... any one know what would be the best brand...so far all i got is BOSS and Armani, they fit pretty nice. i would want something cheaper because i don't want my BOSS pants as beater. THANKS

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RRL Henly Banana Republic racing Shoes SIGNED by a pro driver

for sale is a RRL henly in blue size M fits true to size Also a Banana republic sweater (cream) size S Size 9 Oakley shoes signed by a professional F-3 race car driver & my friend "Liam Kenney" ^^^ if you have a stick shift car.... you will have so much fun driving with these shoes RRL henly worn once [COLOR="Red"]retail $145[/COLOR], base you offer on that [Image]

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Incase macbook Backpack, Iphone 4 Case, longboard

Up for sale are the following things! Incase backpack, barely used kept in good condition Diesel Iphone 4 Case Never Summer Longboard Incase Backpack [COLOR="Red"]$40 shipped[/COLOR] [Image]

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refurbished PSP slim and Nokia E71x

PRICE DROP!!! Just got this PSP 3 days ago and its Gamestop Refurbished, no scrathes on the screen comes with a charger and 2 games. the front is scratchless, and the back has a few scratches. everything works Perfect, as it is factory refurbished.comes with a memory card. Also selling an At&t Nokia E71x, its in decent condition, few scratches and normal wear, the battery is still a beast, lasts 2-3 days without charge. comes with a charger PSP with 2 games and a Charger $90 shipped [Image]

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What is Sexual Harassment ?

so today at my girls work, her manager comes in with his friend and tries to hook them up. he tells her that she is hot and tries to get close all the time. today he told another employee that he would not try to get her a raise that she was suppose to get because of her "attitiude". bottom line... is this sexual harassment or no?

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$105 gamestop card for $70

i have a $105 gamestop giftcard and i am willing to let it go for $80. let me know if you want it. i got it from selling my xbox360, but i never got around to purchasing a PSP so i am selling this. and NO i do not want your PSP. $70 or any supreme or Nike SB.

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E36 or a newer BMW or Range Rover

so my mom is selling my car and she offered to share her car with me. she only uses her car for work and she does not mind if i drop her off and pick her up. if i share with her the advantage is that i can be driving either a new 5 series, 3 series, or a range rover which ever one she likes best. if i don't then i have to wait until to the summer to buy my high mileage e36, but i can put whtever mods on it. any suggestions?

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my girlfriend always talked about this book, but i hated anything to do with philosophy. i dont read books or anything, but i am reading it right now and its fucking sick. its very easy to read and its madd intresting because the characters are lines, squares, pentagons and etc Edwin Abott is the name of the author

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If you are bored

then listen to this. i got bored and made this on FL [URL]

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[I][B]Ataxia (from Greek α- [used as a negative prefix] + -τάξις [order], meaning "lack of order") is a neurological sign and symptom consisting of gross lack of coordination of muscle movements. Ataxia is a non-specific clinical manifestation implying dysfunction of parts of the nervous system that coordinate movement, such as the cerebellum. Several possible causes exist for these patterns of neurological dysfunction. The term "dystaxia" is rarely used as a synonym.[/B][/I] I took benadryl, and i got the weirdest kind of high. i couldn't move some of my muscles and couldn't see straight ( tunnel vision). lasted for about 15 minutes. anyone experince anything similar after a dose of allergy medication.

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Need help finding...

adidas dublins or stockholms! i really need to get some for my girl. thanksss

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