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{FS} IRON HEART IH-634, RayBans, Handmade leather wallet

You pay shipping+PP fees IRON HEART IH-634, size 34x34, brand new, only tried on inside the house. i just want a smaller size. $250obo Hand made Ponderosa trucker wallet, i accidentally ordered the wrong style. there is a couple marks on it that you can see in the pictures. cost me about $100, $75 obo if you dont want the leash il take $15 off. SOLDSOLDSOLD Oversized clubmasters. cost me $160ish and i never wear them. $100obo [URL]

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RayBan oversized clubmasters $130 OBO

any interest in these? ive had them a couple months and just dont like them as much as my wayfarers. lost the case they came with but will come with a replacement.  $160 new asking $130 obo EDIT: fuck, why is it sideways [URL]

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i have the best idea for a shirt...

so now what? its not a t-shirt, it would be a cut&sew so i cant just make it and i have very minimal sewing experience but it would be a damn good jacket. should i make a mockup and find some smaller brand to collaborate with or what? how do i stop my idea from getting stolen after i take it to some company and show it to them? this jackets gonna be a gamechanger

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Help me find a video to sample

i need a sample from a porno where the girl moans/yells harder a couple times. preferably with an "ohhhhyeaahhh" moan also. i have been waching porn for hours with no luck. the higher the sound quality the better happy hunting. blushing thanks fam

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[FS] jordan grape 5s, cement 4s and trur blue 3s

5s are DS, $240 obo 4s and 3s are VNDS, both worn twice $200 obo all size 12 [URL] box on the 3s and 5s has a small tear, that's how i got them. offer up, worst i can say is no edit: all money is paying court fees so offer will probobley be taken unless they are robberys, paypal only

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can anyone tell me what this style of art is called?

ive heard it called victorian but that dosent seem right. help me out here [Image]

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info on these polo glasses?

anyone know where i can get the dimensions of these glasses? or even just a picture of somone auctually wearing them [Image]

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how to clean a hat

ash flew out of a campfire and got on my tan fitted. how should i wash it? would a tide to go pen work well?

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HB official drinkers club,

whats everyone drinking on nowadays, just picked this up on my trip to cabo [Image]

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DS air jordan4 white cements, size 12

for sale is a dead stock pair of the 2012 air Jordan white cement 4s. they come with everything they should, the hangtag, the shoehorns and even the reciept proving they are legit. pm me with any questions or if you need more pictures. $300 shipped&paypalled takes them. post here and pm me [Image]

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best shoe for $300

i have $300 on one nice ass pair of shoes. what should it be?

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trip to vancouver?

my friends and i were planning a cruse right after graduation but after further investigation we need people over 21 to supervise us in adjoining rooms. fuck that noise, thats no fun. Vancouver seems like the next best place to go. we could go up to whistler for a couple days and board and such, Canada is fulled with weed and the drinking age is 19. is there alot of fun things to do in Vancouver or would it be better to actually get a hotel on whistler for maximum fun? whats the weather like mid june? or is there any better places to for a vacation for 18-19 year olds in Canada, keep in mind we are driving from Seattle Washington thanks

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how long the chain?

fo read do, how long dis look? 30inches? [Image]

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new Wtaps?

any info? [Image]

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jordan sizing

am i correct in thinking that if i wear a 12 in SBs and air maxes that a 12 would fit fine in a pair of jordan 1s?

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