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[WTB] Gallery 1950 x OriginalFake Porter Bag

[Image] Been looking for this bag for literally 2 years. Looking for any of the three colors, red or blue preferred. Cash ready - if anyone has any leads on a bag, it'd be appreciated if you could drop me a PM. Thanks!

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[WTB] WTAP ERAS 9.5-10 DS!!!

Tops I will spend is 150$. Shipped or meet up, my time. Money ready. email me buddyjustinn@aim.com Thanks,

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Supreme Harris Tweed Fitted 7 5/8 65$ shipped oNLY!!

65$ shipped + 4% if not gifting. Will not WILL NOT go lower... Thanks. No flaws, worn 3x at most. [Image]

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FlatHead F310 33, APC PS Black 29


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9.5 Freddy Krueger; 10.5 WTD; 10 Blue Preme High

Yo, HB! [B]READ:[/B] [U]CASH ONLY!!![/U] Quick shit. USPS Priority with Tracking. All my kicks are legit. I don't mind shipping to a mod first for a 20$ fee, which the mod will receive to ship and keep the rest. Paypal add 4% or gift that shit. I'm located in the 562 area of Southern California. I'm willing to meet in public areas. Yes, public. Like in a bank or some shit, not in a park. Oh, and before you offer... [B][COLOR="Red"]CASH ONLY!!![/COLOR][/B] Well anyway, enjoy! [B]DS Freddy K's[/B]. sz 9.5. OG all. [COLOR="Red"][1000$!!!][/COLOR] You guys should know the deal with these. Personally consider these as rare as City Series. Shit, when have you ever seen Freddys in 9.5, OG all? Oh the 8.5 on ISS? 650? DS? Oh please. Don't come at me with that shit. Lace bag attached? No. Clean? No. Not DS to me. I've been offered 800$ in cash, and 1100$ in trades. Guess what? 800 > 1100 in trades. Looking for close to 1000$. [B]VVVVNDS What the Dunks[/B]. sz 10.5. OG all. [COLOR="Red"][750$!!!][/COLOR] Clean, nice, limited to 300 pairs worldwide. Yeah, yeah you guys know about these too. Whatever. Want the listed price. Price not negotiable. Oh btw, worn 3x. 100% stars. Forgot to take star pics. If needed, I will provide. [B]VVVNDS Blue Supreme Highs[/B]. sz 10. OG all. [COLOR="Red"][475$!!!][/COLOR] What can I say? Extremely clean as eff. I mean check the pics out. OG all. ALL MY KICKS PICS ARE HERE.. [URL] And again, [B]CASH ONLY.[/B]

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VVNDS What the Dunk 10.5 750$ TODAY ONLY!!

Purchased off at RIF LA a while back for 1300$. Need cash quick. Selling my WTD's for the low price of 750$ paypal gifted or add 4%. Will not go lower. OG everything, 100% stars, no heel drag. Pictures are here but I can take more pics with my HB name on it and date tagged. Worn only 2 times for a short amount of time. Check the pics! [URL] If they don't go today, I'm putting the price back up to 925$. Quickest contact. TEXT 562 455 9341 or email [email]buddyjustinn@aim.com[/email] Trades are possible. But I'm gonna be a total beach on it. I value your kicks. Will only take if it's heat + CASH.

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