Official Rap Battle Thread !!! (URL TV / GrindTime/Smack /Sub 0 ETC..)

To start off this epic thread..... The round 1 preview for the Math Hoffa Vs. Aye Verb. [Image] I think Aye Verb got the first round so far...

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Kanye West Quotes

"I don't need yo pussy bitch I'm on my own dick" - (POWER) GO !

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Royce Da 5'9" - Skinny Jeans & Flight 187 (Bar Exam 3)

[URL] Lol Skinny Jeans was pretty funny.... I wear clothes that fit but I still found it funny Royce said he doesn't have a problem with people who wear the jeans he has beef with the jeans lol. Flight 187 he's taking jabs at Saigon... Can't wait for Bar Exam 3 DJ Whoo Kid is hosting...

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Conspiracy Theory: Helgen is FuneralFab

[Image] Discuss.

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Official Shyne Appreciation and Anticipation Thread

[Image] I know he's going to shake the whole industry up his last album was fire and I been a fan for years dying to hear something new. Discuss....

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I'm Black and I want an Asian chick advice ?

Never really spoke to an Asian chick in Brooklyn good looking Asian chicks are almost impossible to find. However, I chill in the city alot and I'm going back to school soon which is in the city and is packed with Asian chicks. Any Suggestions ? I thought it would be interesting to hear what you guys gotta say cause I know it's an abomination for some Asian chicks to mess with a guy out of their own race.

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This kid done F***ed up......

Lol IDK this is when trying to be tough gets you fucked up this kid owes like $10,000 for a PSP and some gold coins LMAOO. [URL]

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Clinton Sparks: What it's like to be a Bawse with Rick Ross

IDK I thought this video was too funny LOL...... [Image]

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Royce Da 5'9" - Gun Harmonizing

Off Royce EP The Revival which is dropping this month.. This track deserves a thread of its own. [URL]

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What is your definition of the American dream ?

I know everyone has their own definition of what's the best you could achieve in this country (for the Americans). What do you think is the American dream ? Some would say having the biggest house the best car or being able to buy whatever you want but some would disagree. I'm curious to know what others think the American dream is.

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Job interview advice ? (retail) New question..

Can anyone give me some advice. I have an interview coming up I have gotten a job before and went to interviews but I really want this job and its a step up from my last situation. I don't want to screw it up. Also I get nervous and sometimes lose track of what I'm trying to say. I'm asking this here because I know alot of people here work in retail. Anyone here managers ? Is there something specific you look for when trying to hire someone ? Any advice is welcomed thanks. (By the way no BS don't post if a productive discussion is too much for you to handle.) [U][B]NEW QUESTION[/B][/U] [B] Anyone have any advice or experience for a 2nd interview ? I got called for a 2nd interview.[/B]

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[FS] Xbox 360 Used bundle Elite 120GB HDD + Games + Accessories 1 year live Card etc.

This elite was bought in December and was played for about 1 month this is in great condition the elite is basically brand new but I don't play it so I'm trying to sell it. I'm looking for $465 for the Xbox360. It comes with everything the Xbox 360 comes with Headset and everything (Black)...... This comes with the Play & Charge kit (25 dollar value) Xbox Live 1 year and 1 month card (50 dollar value). Games Grand Theft Auto Call Of Duty 4 Gears of war- Limited edition Kung Fu Panda & Indiana Jones [Image] [B]$465[/B] You may PM me if your interested. We will be paying through Pay pal. Serious Buyers only if your in NY meet up could be done. If your in another state or country we will discuss shipping this is a great deal and I am a serious seller.

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Girls who won't have sex until they are married.

Is there any way of reversing this ? Would you be with a girl who won't have sex until she's married ? Has anyone been with a girl who won't have sex until she is married ? Discuss.

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[Paul Smith] - 2009 Discussion Thread

I'm a big fan of Paul Smith he's a very under rated designer. I recently got a look book for their upcoming S/S 09 Season and thought I should share. Not much Paul Smith love on this site. I also have some Campaign ads not available for sale which I thought I should also put up. [Image]

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HB 2005-2006 Members Check In

This thread is dedicated to 2005-2006 Members. Check in to get your name added as an Original HB member ! [B]Admin ,Naked Pimp, Brooklyn_718, Helgen, Nawkternal, Im Broke, matth, BSmoove201, FEL, Juan, pogrebin soy, Suntori, ryanxone, InFaMoUsHeRo , useless , Memphis, fresh king of mia, awwsheet, Rockstar , greys2k , camthraxFHK , Jack , ice grillz , damnwitless1, unfuccwitable, CreativeBread , Theseventhletter, MHOSTAR , Gallo, x666x, TheCityOfChi, DUM, Charged., Freshcity, Killa Kate, BrianandImFromChicago, DunkPunk , itsmedeka, Milly , Subculture , Saftis , Canvas08 , unknown force. , brynw, NikeAirNguyen, beathead , daMian, modernART, Electric Devil, LOCHNESS , timoac, Will, SBJmarT, Kingkoor , BruhMan , kdiddy , kvc06 , jaythestar , 9inchesofsole , [/B]

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