Tailoring around Toronto?

Where do you guys get your jeans tailored? I have a pair of Naked and famous and a pair of RR i would like to get hemmed. I dont wanna eff them up so i want some good, trusted place lol.

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[WTB] Levi Relax Cropped New Originals (April Release)

I wanna buy the khaki color (yellow zipper one) really like it T_T [URL]

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[WTB] OF Chino Black Size2(W32) or Imperial Shearer Sz31(New)

email pics and price to [email]brianlee1992@hotmail.com[/email]

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[WTB] Imperial Duke Black OR Indigo Sz 31............

Im Looking FOR!!!! [B][COLOR="Navy"]Imperial Duke Sz 31 Indigo / Black![/COLOR][/B] pm me or send an email to [email]brianlee1992@hotmail.com[/email]

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[FS] Evisu W32///Bape Milo Tee Small///Subcrew///GoodFoot

Pictures loading might take a while. Please be patient! Thanks! /October 13: Added GoodFoot Crewneck, Subcrew Cap, Unless Military hat /March 2:Added Evisu jeans, Bape tee [URL] [U]GoodFoot Crewneck[/U] [COLOR="blue"]CAD$70 Shipped.[/COLOR] Condition: 9/10 (Worn over t-shirts 2 times) [Image]

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T-Shirt over dress shirt?

Has anyone tried that? i dont see it very often and i tried it myself o.o the effect is actually not bad blushing i did get the idea from this taiwanese mag tho haha but ya any comments on this?

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