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Hidden Characters - 2017 Discussion Thread

what time are the drops?

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/r/streetwear is some wack shit

[Quote] yeah most of fashion subreddits boo boo

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Can't scroll through pictures on HB using Google Chrome

Have the same issue. Works with safari though. Not sure how to fix.

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I Purchased an Xbox One, AMA

[Quote]Not that they got lazy, they had to recreate all the cars and tracks. With Forza 4 they just carried everything from previous games 2-3. With dlc and stuff 5 will expand a lot more, and then future games such as 6 and 7 will have those big selections of cars and tracks from release. It takes time.

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Apps you're addicted to

insta, twitter, flipboard, snapchat, mortal kombat

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[SOLD!] Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse "USA Blue" Size 8.5 (Fits like a 9)

For Sale: Nike Air Max 90s Hyperfuse "USA Blue"  Size: 8.5 (Fits like a 9) Condition: Used, but can pass as DS Price: SOLD! No original box Sorry for the low quality pic, will try and take with natural sunlight tomorrow. Message me if you are interested. [Image]

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[Supreme] 2013 Discussion Thread (Live Ebay Links = Ban / Selling Items = Ban)

zamn my size didnt even popup, then crossed my shit out in the cart.

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[FS] Yeezus *PIT* Ticket - LA October 28th Monday - $180

Not to shit on your post but monday's show still has tickets available for 172 after tax in the pit and 222 in the vip pit.

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Post Your Desktop/Wallpaper VOL The Legend Dies


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F/S APC Cheap

bump 10 charr

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Whats in your Dream Car Garage?

GTR G Wagon Model S

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Whats in your Dream Car Garage?

[Quote]lol nigga shut up

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OFFICIAL Show us your whip!

[Image] Specs are 18x9.5 +15 on 265/35/18 and 18x10.5 +15 on 285/35/18 Had to take the rears off for now though until i get my fenders rolled because rear left tire was getting ate up on turns and bumps.

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F/S APC Cheap

bump $120obo

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New iOS7

I hope they give us quickreply before final gm release. Also I wish they would have let us put widgets in the top or bottom two rows of icons. Tired of just icons all over the screen.

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