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FS: Supreme, Box Logo, Diamond Supply Rare items

Al prices include usps priority shipping, add 4% for the paypal fees. Supreme hooded Denim size large Braden New $100 [URL] All of these prices are negotiable, please send me a PM if you are interested in anything i have for sale and bumps are always appreciated. I have a few other supreme items such as hats and accessories that I cant take pictures of at the moment but will post those up later!

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For sale Diamond and Pink Dolphin

Just cleaning out my closet to make some room for newer items and less streetwear.  All size large unless noted. Add 6 bucks onto price for usps priority shipping within the USA. Worn 1x diamond mind over matter. $15 worn twice [Image]

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FOR SALE: Supreme & Diamond

All for sale only unless otherwise stated.  Everything priced is including shipping inside the USA if you need it shipped outside the USA please PM and we can figure that out.  Also add 4% ontop of the price for paypal fees. Everything is brand new never worn unless stated. Red loro Piano 5 panel $65 [Image]

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Can anyone offer me any help with my brand

As many of you might or might not know the name of our company was Butterstickinc and recently we have had second thoughts about it and are thinking of different names to switch the brand to. A name that we had thought about was JUST. FUN BRAND and wanted to get your guys's opinions on it. If anyone has any other names they might suggest or any input we will give 100 dollar gift card to someone that comes up with a good name or who has any very good input! Please leave only positive thoughts or comments. Thanks! http://www.butterstickinc.com/

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For Sale: Diamond supply goods Size LARGE, T shirts and shorts

First up size 30 embroidered Shorts. These are brand new. The reason i am selling them is because they fit to small and i really need a size 32. If anyone wants to trade 32 for these 30s im down however if not the price im looking for is $90 Shipped + 4% paypal fee. [Image]

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Ordered a shirt from him over a month ago, contacted him numerous times and he only responded once and said he will work on getting it out. This is ridiculous man! Wont respond to any emails anymore!! anyone know any information about this guy?

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Contacting Diamond

I have been trying to get a hold of Diamond supply for over and week and they will not respond to emails or calls. I placed an order and my address didnt fully get into the shipping address box so i need to change it and so far i am un able to get ahold of them!

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